Thursday, June 19, 2008

Otis Review

Otis hit dvd shelves this week, and I thought for sure it was going to be a gore filled ride through some torture porn of sorts. I was wrong, completely wrong. What I got instead, was a boring, half-ass attempt at a horror film. No wonder this film was straight to dvd, it just wasn't that great at all. In fact, Most of the time I was yawning.

The movie revolves around a fat Pizza Delivery man, who kidnaps young women and tortures them in his basement on the premise that they must go to the prom with him. The film opens with his latest victim fighting back and eventually dying. He then finds a new love, and begins the arduous task of torturing her, and just doesn't work out so well.

Enter a psychic/detective who helps find victims of violent crimes and kidnapping. The family worries about their daughter, and this "detective" is a total idiot. What transpires after failed attempts to locate their daughter, the family plot revenge and basically turn into vigilantes, ambushing whom they believe is Otis...only they get his brother instead...and things really spin out of control.

This film has no gore. This film has no boobs. This film has very few good points. The film itself is high quality, and doesn't match a lot of straight to dvd movie that are out there, and rivals a lot of contemporary horror films in the way it is shot. However, the acting is just a tad above low budget, and is saved by none other than Daniel Stern! That's right, the guy from Home Alone & Bushwacked...two comedy classics...or not.

The movie is boring, and only in the end does it start to really pick up, and right when things start getting really good, things turn into a comedic performance and then just end...that's right, they just end. The ending rivals Hellboy for lackluster, and there is no chance of a sequel in this one.

Otis might be unrated, but it doesn't show or do anything to merit such a label and anyone that believed the marketing surrounding this film, will be sorely disappointed with the final product. It really is lackluster to say the least, and I only recommend this one to extreme horror fans, and collectors who must have horror films rather than merely renting them. As far as "torture" porn is concerned, there are way better films in the genre, that's for sure.

Check out the Trailer for Otis Unrated below:

I don't recommend Otis Unrated on Dvd, but I do recommend other torture films:

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