Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Curve Review

The Curve 1998

The Curve, or Dead Man’s Curve as the poster states, is a lame excuse for a thriller. Billed as a horror film, this movie is more like a made for television Sci-Fi Channel exclusive than a real film with weight or substance. The movie follows along a plot that we’ve seen in a film called Dead Man on Campus. (Interesting to note, the movie title was changed from Dead Man’s Curve to The Curve after confusion with the comedic piece)

The movie starts out with the comedic premise of two room mates trying to get their friend to commit suicide in order to get straight A’s.

Sounds like a carbon copy right? It sure is, and for the most part the comedy alliance ends there. The movie then begins to take a sobering trip through circumstances, investigation, and betrayal, as the characters start to get paranoid.

The film plays out with two friends, fed up with their best friend’s behavior. They begin to buy depressing music, depressing books, and isolating their friend to look as though he’s depressed. They eventually get him drunk and push him over the edge…literally.

Here is a trailer for the semi-horror/thriller The Curve:

There are a lot of cliché’s in this film, such as: the drunken party ending in a fight, a girlfriend gets pregnant and her life is supposedly over, a best friend gets a blow job from his friends girl, and then the betrayals!

If you like twist endings, and have lasted through 80 minutes of this film, you’re going to enjoy the ending. There are a total of 4 twists, and all are just tacked on at the end for that nightmare quality and tone. We get these twists only after the initial suicide victim retells the story, and we see that he was the mastermind all along.

This movie was not really that good, and wasn't worth my time. I stayed with it though, because I swore there was something weird going on in the film, and there was. The plot twists at the end really tried to save everything, but instead it just made me upset. This movie feels like a long Twilight Zone episode, so if you like that sort of thing, this is effective. While, it is not straight laced Horror, there are still dark themes and a drowning...so we'll lump it into this site. If you really want to see The Curve, get it via Netflix, and if you're a huge Matthew Lillard fan, buy The Curve via amazon.com and help me keep getting these horror films.

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