Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Night of The Demons 2 Review

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When I was a kid, “Night of the Demons” was one of my favorite horror movies. It had everything you could possibly want from a scary movie. It had sex, drugs, classic cartoonish characters, and crazy death sequences. With the sequel, we get a lot of the same, only done a bit more comedic and well, there’s just some more outlandish fun in this 1990s sequel. “Night of the Demons 2”, is not going to win awards, and it may not even be for everyone, but as a sequel it works on the same or at least similar premises from the first, and does so with gusto.

This movie is set 6 years after the past party ended. We get thrown into a catholic school and get to see a few people’s lives go through the boredom movement that is private education. Along the way you get introduced to a cast of characters that are stereotypical in horror. The cool guy, the sex obsessed guy, the shy virgin, and more. For fans of nudity, you’re going to get hit with a lot of breasts while this movie is setting up. It’s gratuitous to say the least. As you get through the casting, you realize that the story is going to go back to the Hull House.

One of the main characters brings about a demon through a book that he has, and while he’s a nerdy getting bullied here, he’s definitely an anti-hero. As the movie gets going, a bunch of kids that are punished and isolated to their bedrooms gang together to go and party off campus. It’s there that they are greeted by Angela, the demon, and she wants to kill her sister (the shy virgin) so that she can live again? When the priest and main nun realize that the kids are gone, they spring into action, alongside the demon summoning kid to take on Angela and her dangerous elements.

Overall, the premise is a bit convoluted, but it works here. The makeup effects are amazing at times. There is little to no computer graphics or animation here. There’s some stop motion, but it’s a lot of latex effects that really make this awesome. The holy water trope is all the same as you’d expect, and religion plays a role in defeating her, but the story gets overly comical over time.

This isn’t exactly the most compelling or scary of movies, but there’s enough cheap gags, nudity, and fight sequences to make this one a solid sequel. If you liked “976-Evil”, then you’re going to love the direction that this takes. I found it to be funny, and somewhat gruesome at times. I recommend checking this one out, and perhaps doing a marathon with the original, this one, and part 3 in one night! “Night of the Demons 2” is solid horror fare, and I recommend picking it up.

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  7. Great Review! In a lot of way I actually prefer this more then the original.


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