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5 Faces of Evil Starring Richard Lynch

In what could be one of the best series of articles, Scary Film is proud to present to you another voice from the world of horror movie fans. So now, you can't blame me for a crappy website, not that Jason will bring to you crap articles. No pressure Jason. Below you will find a post that highlights 5 faces of evil from actor Richard Lynch. A very  underrated villain, and someone that could easily replace Erik Roberts half the time. How does that guy keep getting hired? Seriously. Unfortunately Richard Lynch passed, which means Roberts will continue to suck up screen time. But then again, age, differences in casting directors, opinions and other crap. What do I know? Obviously not enough. So without further input from me, here's 5 faces of evil starring Richard Lynch. If you want to support the blog and help get Jason a paycheck click the links buy the dvd and please leave us a comment, what do you think about all this? Your pal, Sir J. 

 I've always thought Richard Lynch was one of the greatest movie villains of all time. Why he never faced James Bond I'll never know. Richard Lynch appeared in over 100 film and television projects from 1967 up until his death in 2012 at 72. He list of television appearances alone boggles my mind, Baywatch, Fall Guy, Highlander, ST:TNG, A-Team, Buck Rodgers, Battlestar Galactica etc, etc, need I say more? Below are five of his most fiendish rolls.

1. Invasion U.S.A (1985)

Cannon Films(you know it has to be 80's cheese)

Richard Lynch plays Mikhail Rostov a Soviet agent leading a group of Latin American Communists bent on destroying the fabric of America. I saw this movie for the first time on HBO when I was only six years old. Mr. Lynch's crazed snarling performance left and indelible mark on me forever. Lynch is the perfect foil for the quiet, denim and uzi rocking Hunter (Chuck Norris) who is bent on ending Rostov's terror. I'll be honest I'm writing this whole article just because I saw this movie last night! Let's not forget that director Joseph Zito also directed Red Scorpion, Missing in Action, The Prowler & Friday the 13th 4 (you know the last good one)!

2. Sword and The Sorcerer (1982)

Richard Lynch neither plays the Sword or the Sorcerer in this amazing early 80's fantasy film. He instead plays the mad King Cromwell who revives evil Sorcerer Xusia (Night Court's Richard Moll) so he can conquer another kingdom. Unfortunately the King's rival Talon has a three bladed, projectile shooting sword that ends his evil reign. Richard Lynch won a Saturn Award for best supporting actor on this film. This is my favorite Sword & Sandal epic of the 80's, hands down classic.

3. Bad Dreams (1988)

This time around Richard plays insane cult leader Franklin Harris. Franklin has decided that a mass suicide by fire is just what the group needs to move on to the next plane of existence. A younger member of the group Cynthia (Jennifer Rubin) survives and finds herself haunted by visions of Franklin 12 years later as people around her start to die mysteriously. Growing up I always felt that Bad Dreams was just a bad Freddy knock off. I give it some points though since it's produced by hall of famer Gale Ann Hurd, who's responsible for many of my favorite films. Great film though for Lynch fans, lots of him showing up out of nowhere saying weird scary stuff.

4. Scanner Cop (1994)

Original Scanners producer Pierre David made his directorial debut with the fourth entry in the Scanners series. This is one of those films where the camera gets really, really close to everybody for dramatic effect. He's thinking hard lets look up his nose!! So Richard Lynch is the baddie again and I hope this doesn't ruin anything for you but at the end of the film his head explodes. This even happens after it's revealed that Lynch's character had a steel plate installed over his brain to protect against this sort of attack. Probably too late to get his money back, sheesh that goes for both of us.

5. Vampire (1979)

As the sun sets on the wild streets of late 70's San Francisco something awakens at the base of soon to be built church. Making a guttural noise similar to Mason Verger's boars, Richard Lynch lunges from the dirt a shirtless vampire who has been asleep since the 40's. A Retired cop E.G. Marshall and architect Jason Miller (The Exorcist) are the only two who stand in the way of Lynch. This made for TV movie was suppose to be a pilot, but things never went any farther than the movie. Richard Lynch had often said that this was his favorite roll.

A sad fact about Mr. Lynch; his distinctive look was due to an experience he had in 1967 on LSD. While on the bad trip Mr. Lynch lit himself on fire in Central Park.

5 Faces of Evil Starring Richard Lynch by
Jason Parker

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5 Best Killer Dolls in Horror Guaranteed To Give You The Creeps

Or the willies, or the heeby jeebies, or whatever it is you want to call it. I’m not tremendously freaked out by a lot of things, but I know a lot of people that can’t stand any sort of puppet, muppet, or variation on the classic marionette. I like “Pinocchio” specifically the tale of a father searching for his son, to the point of risking his life in the high seas. My father didn’t do anything like that, and for all I know he’s forgotten about me and my little cozy life I’ve made for myself. That’s neither here nor there, but I don’t find these things to be that scary.

However, I am not the measuring stick. You and the millions of other fans of horror are, and with that in mind, we are going to look into the absolute sickest, twisted, and most intrepid dolls that want to kill anything that moves and practically gets away with it in each film. For the sake of argument I picked from a serious list, exhaustive even, and narrowed down what I find are my top 5. If you have a differing opinion, bring it, and drop a comment, it’s why there’s a comments section, even though it is lacking in a lot of ways.

Magic (1978)

The 1970s were insane. Some of the best horror movies came through in those years and this one from 1978 pushes the envelope in a lot of ways. It stars Anthony Hopkins, which means that the acting is top notch. It is a psychological horror film with a lot of moments that are going to completely stun. The best thing here is that the dummy here is the real crazy piece. Called “FATS” he is the catalyst of the horror, even though it seems as though Corky is really in control. Every little element here is made to stun, and it’s not necessarily what you think. Burgess Meredith does well here, and the horror comes from the mind and the doll, even if the doll is not possessed. Magic is creepy, and this movie really does well to scare anyone that doesn’t like a dummy. Even Hank Hill would hate Fats, or should I say Bobby Hill…remember that episode? Never mind.

Doll Master (2004)

Why is Hollywood so afraid of doing good horror movies? South Korea once again pushes the envelope of horror with this one. Doll Master takes on a whole new meaning in this terror filled entry. The mix of religious themes, dummy movements, and possession all make for a hectic story that fuels a lot of suspense. Piece by piece you will start to completely become afraid of porcelain dolls, and making a woman mad. Or rather, making an artist mad, because it’s here that you start to get thrown into a cycle of terror featuring some elaborate set pieces. South Korea is hard to mess with when it comes to scary movies, and they prove this point yet again with this one. It’s beyond creepy.

Saw (2004)

This tricycle riding doll is the mouthpiece for what we now know as Jigsaw. In the original film, he didn’t have a cool slasher name, and this doll was simply known as Billy. This little creepy doll is an interesting take on the whole robotic ventriloquist angle that many 1980s movies touched on but never used it in such a macabre way. It got a lot of parodies, but it’s still one of the more creepy options that you’re going to find in today’s frenzied horror world. Is the name really Billy? I don’t know, someone behind the scenes apparently called it that, but I don’t recall. I just remember that this little tricycle and suit with bowtie is beyond creepy. The doll isn’t killing, but it’s most certainly scary, and scared audiences upon first seeing it come into frame in the original Saw film.

Dead Silence (2007)

Saw was such a hit that the director and writer got another shot at making horror movie magic. They came up with a tale about an old lady that didn’t have any children at all. She just had dolls and they were her children. It was an incredible story with some serious prop pieces that will stun and amaze even the hardest of critics. The main doll “Billy” really pushed the envelope, and was very much like you would expect from a serious adaptation of the “Goosebumps” book series. R.L. Stine must’ve loved this, because it was most definitely a grown up version of his story. Dead Silence is an underrated movie with a doll that is not only killer, but he definitely possesses an epic secret and can creep out with just one eye roll. Go back and watch this one.

Child’s Play 2 (1990)

For my money, the Child’s Play franchise peaked with the second film. This movie had a lot more to offer than the first, it had better pacing, and Brad Dourif as Chucky once again creeped the crap out of everyone. I saw it in movie theaters, and this one had a lot of moments that continues to creep people out. The reason why this film takes a better note than the first, and the sequels is simple, BAFTA award winning actors and veterans of the industry. They do a good job acting here, and the story flows naturally through the final epic scene. The final sequence is one of my favorites and definitely didn’t allow for a sequel, even though we got one with Child’s Play 3. A dumb move, but hey, that’s horror for ya.

There you have 5 of the best killer doll movies, even though it seems as though they are more dummy’s than dolls. Perhaps I should’ve talked about Dollman, Killer Dolls, Puppet Master, or others, but then again, those were just puppets, right? No? Wait. Oh who cares, I’m going to go find some Cap’n, yeah I said Cap’n Crunch and tear the skin out of the roof of mouth and gums. Why? Because it’s on sale right now and it’s all I can afford to eat. So there.

Want to help the site? Want to see less advertising and more writing? Help me hire writers by ordering stuff via amazon with the links provided. Trust me, I’m trying to get writers, but I can’t afford them. Until then, you have me, and my banter. No Crunch Berries, by the way, I prefer the yellow crunchy and no soggies, but I don’t like the milk afterwards, so toss that. Anyways, me and the Cap’n make it happen!

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Scary Film Review and The Number 800

Scary Film started on March 29, 2008. It was birthed in the ashes of “The Mexican DVD Review” and it was created in Seattle, Washington. I was married at the time and I was watching at least 2 movies a day. I thought it would be a great way to write about the things that I loved and perhaps even make some money.

Fast forward to 2014 and I haven’t made a whole lot of money, and interest from my long time readers has waned. Subscription rates are higher, social media fans are higher too, but comments are lower. All in all, it’s been a good ride coming up with 799 posts and now this 800 blog post of non-epic proportions.

What is In Store?

I’ve been searching for writers since December of 2013. It grows tiresome trying to explain what “passion” means. I would figure that my fellow writers out there know what it is to be passionate about something, to the point where you will do it for free. I don’t expect everyone to work for free, but I will say this much; I love horror and writing so much that I would do it for free. I definitely have done it for free since 2008, and would not ask anyone to do something that I am not doing myself, 100% for free.

I write 15 blogs, work full time as a ghost writer, affiliate marketing professional, and am going to school full time to finish my master’s degree. I’m poor in finances, but rich in spirit. Scary Film will always exist as a voice for anyone that is willing to come on board and talk horror, and until the money aspect gets us into a favorable light, there’s just not a lot of funding.

I started this site, and I started all the blogs that I write with $0 in my pocket. I’ve built a name for myself and this site on those ethos. So what’s next? Well, when I finally nail down a few writers, you are going to hear from voices in the industry, and those that have a true love for the genre, acting, and more.

More Reviews

I’m going to be swinging through a LOT more reviews. That’s right, I’m going to be trudging through some insane and not so insane movies. I have a long list of options, and will be trying to wax poetic and going off topic as I usually do.

How You Can Help

If you want to help, you can do me a favor and either sponsor a post by dropping me a comment or email, or you could patronize my sponsors, amazon links, and spread the word about Scary Film. If you can figure out how to drop a comment, do so. I’m always up for reading, writing, and watching whatever it is that you think is cool.

Until Then, This is your pal Sir Jorge, thanking all of you for 800 posts of awesome Scary Goodness.

If nothing else, I will be your host and always be writing, even if there is no money. What good is money anyways? I’ll write for nothing if it means talking about these garbage movies.

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6 Houses in Horror That Scared Audiences To Death

I make fun of the idea all the time. Or rather, I tell my girlfriend (more like ask) that we’re moving into the Amityville House. It was most recently on sale, and you know your pal Sir Jorge talked to a real estate agent. Not only do I not qualify, I have the worst credit you’ve ever seen. Divorces will do that to you.

Regardless, of my efforts to move into one of the most haunted places in the world, haunted houses are a staple in the horror genre. I’ve written about scary movies, hauntings, and a lot of other topics in the past, but have not posted a list of the houses that scared audiences the most. A Haunted House movie doesn’t necessarily need to scare you, which is the traditional measuring stick. However, for this list I wanted to highlight movies in which bad things happen in a house, whether ghost or otherwise. So with that in mind, here are the houses that scared audiences, or maybe just me to death.

The Amityville Horror

For goodness sakes, get out the house! Brolin’s portrayal is great in this one and was far spookier than when Van Wilder tried to do it. His porno hair and beard was definitely a highlight for this one. Oh, it wasn’t a porno? Oh, yeah, I forgot. The 1979 release of Amityville Horror stunned audiences and is a staple for horror fans. It’s not that great looking back, but it still holds enough power to scare the average viewer. You’ll also have to remember that it’s kind of based on a true story. It’s a creepy movie, especially with the steady pace, and ultimate ending. The Lutz’s account is shocking regardless of the credibility and the movie still remains one of the better haunted house films you’re going to want to see. If you want to see it in 3-D, the franchise when there…sadly.


It was 1982 and Tobe Hooper got Steven Spielberg on board to showcase a haunted house movie that is still talked about today. There is a serious creep factor in this one, and the television plays a cool roll. No, it’s not as scary as Videodrome, and of course it’s not as sexualized, but this one is definitely an instant classic. Proving that you should never build your house on ancient burial grounds, and you shouldn’t watch too much television, this scared audiences even with a PG rating. Carol Ann is a memorable role, and one that should never be remade. What? They’re remaking it? Son of a….

The Legend of Hell House

We’re going back to 1973, and this time around the movie is The Legend of Hell House. This is a cool movie with a lot of interesting moments. When I studied this film in college, and read the book that Matheson wrote with a similar name, I was convinced that this was the best haunted house movie and story ever created. Of course, it does have a bit of cheese involved in the making of this, but who cares, it’s awesome. The Belasco House is awesome, spooky, and the 1970s stylized horror moments create some serious scares. Even though some people claim it’s hokey, I think it’s awesome and you should too. Then after all is said and done, go and read the Matheson book of a similar name, because that was a classic. No, it is a classic.


Stephen King has the best stories. You can criticize them all you want, but the dude continues to scare people young and old. 1408 didn’t grab me at first, and I found it boring until the whole thing was turned upside down. Right when I thought it was over, it wasn’t, and John Cusack’s acting really does a great job here. He pulls out his acting chops and isn’t lamenting the loss of a woman to the point where he turns into a big dufus. I loved the way this adaptation takes the character of Mike Enslin and turns a little more believable moments than your average horror movie character. The thoughts, ideas, and notions of an author’s struggle to write and create compelling signatures creeps me out as a writer, especially when fantasy becomes reality. There are forces at work with this one, and they work out quite well.

House of the Devil

That 1980s babysitter in peril card is played with House of the Devil. Not only that, it goes for the gusto in the third act, and finishes things off in a sweet emotional drop that you’ll swear comes from years past. Even though this is a newer entry point on this list, and it’s not a ghost story at all, it still stuns. Satanic ritual, creepy houses, and hot pizza all make for a great film. Oh, there’s more to it than that? Well maybe I want some pizza, ever thought of that? A guy has to eat. Especially when no one is buying dvd’s or paying me to write this site. How about donating some cash for a slice? Pick up a dvd via the amazon links or visit my other sites and click on an ad, I’d appreciate it. I mean, come on, a slice of pizza for a dvd that you’re going to enjoy millions of times? Whatever. House of the Devil is not only a great entry into a scary house, it reminds me of the Motley Crue song that has nothing to do with the movie.

The Shining

My old professor said this was the “Mother” of all haunted house stories. If that’s the case, he definitely picked one of the strongest entry points. The Shining may not be Stephen King’s ultimate vision, but Kubrick was able to frame something so spectacular, that it became all new in many ways. The creep factor really is elevated here, and every single moment is well thought out. Kubrick has a way of making art out of horror and Jack Torrance is a daring character that goes insane. Performance heavy, lengthy, moody, and full of color, this is definitely a stunning display of art and film mixed with horror. You don’t get a lot of movies pushing the envelope like this in the horror genre.

Ok, so this is an oddly written piece. It has terrible infrastructure, and it is more about what happens in the houses than about the houses themselves. But then again, maybe it’s on point. These movies are examples of scary things going on in scary houses.

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Review: Death Wish 4 Is The Premier Charles Bronson Movie

death wish 4
My dad was a huge Charles Bronson fan. I don’t know what it was, but there was something that he loved about him. Perhaps it’s the fact that Bronson looked like a European version of my father. Then again, I think my dad looks like the Mexican Jackie Chan. Whatever the case is, I was introduced to the Death Wish series with installment #4. I saw it on VHS and it was classic. My dad let me watch whatever I wanted, so thanks to him this website even exists. The dude ditched me at age 8, but every now and again I’ll hear from him and he’ll tell me he’s proud or something else. I don’t know. It’s been a while.

That’s not what I’m here to talk about, I’m here to talk about an architect turned vigilante. Paul Kersey is a man that is going to take the law into his own hands. Directed by J. Lee Thompson “Death Wish 4” completely blew me away and still is awesome. When Kersey’s girlfriend’s daughter dies of a drug overdose, he has to take down some serious drug trade kingpins and he does so with brutality and NO MERCY!

Once you mess with Paul Kersey, you’re going to die, and not just die, but you’re going to get completely made fun of after the fact. In this movie he takes down a lot of bad guys, and if you pay attention Danny Trejo makes an appearance as “Art Sanella”. The ending of these movies really gets publicity, and this one is no different. Not only is Bronson’s on screen love killed, he exacts revenge with a grenade launcher right at the bad guy, and ridiculous explosions ensue.

This movie is another instance where Cannon creates exploitation glory. The movie is fast paced, and you know what is going to happen. Long before we had a “Jigsaw” killer, there was one man taking the law into his own hands because the police couldn’t help him. That’s what you get with Death Wish and that’s what you get with this 4th installment. It’s a classic, and it’s not necessarily a horror film, but it’s an example of the grindhouse cinema style that inspires many creative film makers to pursue the dream of making movies.

Then again, maybe it just makes people like myself wax poetic about bad acting, extreme violence, and skateboard companies named after a cool series. Death Wish 4 is NOT available on Netflix, those bastards, at least not streaming, so I had to track it down on my own. I recommend it, because it’s Charles Bronson and it’s Death Wish, a big part of my movie history. Check it out for free, or buy it by clicking here.

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6 Revenge Movies You Have To See Again

Revenge. It’s best served cold. I’ve always wanted revenge, especially for certain times in my life that I was completely screwed over. However, I allow vengeance to go by without incident, but that’s not what happens in the movies. When you start to look at cinema, you will find that there are a lot of movies that have one thing in mind, revenge.

In my question to see every single movie possible, I have turned my attention to the notion of getting revenge. It may not be a complete genre, but it’s definitely one of the many branches that connects horror movie and scary film aficionados alike. All my lists are a matter of opinion and if you have a differing one, then by all means voice it. If you have such a strong opinion that you absolutely have to let me have it, then write it out in word, and send it to me. I’ll post it. I don’t mind getting hit hard with a differing opinion, just make sure it’s somewhat good.

The best revenge movies are hard to quantify into a simple list, so instead of trying to make a comprehensive option, here are 5 of the best that I could think of off the top of my head. They run through the horror, science fiction, and thriller categories, so don’t throw stones, and see where your favorite lands on my list.

Scream 4

I can already hear the groans and bemoans from fans. However, go back and watch this one. You’ll find that the revenge plot that is sewn up throughout the first 3 movies gets stabbed in the back in this one. Our dear friend Sidney Prescott (the namesake for my cat), is back after ten years. She goes back to her home town for a book signing and all hell breaks loose. The ultimate revenge may not be as cold blooded as the 1970s torture films, but it’s powerful enough to get you involved. I for one loved it, but only after I saw it twice. Perhaps you need to watch it again, and see Sidney take on a new foe in this nice tie up from Wes Craven.


This French thrill ride is one of the best movies in the category. The revenge for a sexual assault is insanity. Showcased backwards, this movie made a lot of people cringe because of the sexual situation inside a tunnel where the camera doesn’t flinch or turn away. It feels real, it makes your heart pound, and the real married couple did one hell of a job “faking” the most brutal sexual assault on camera. There is no clapping here, so don’t get me wrong. The director, Gaspar Noe filmed the revenge sequence in a way to make theater goers sick and disoriented. It doesn’t work that well on dvd, but it is still a heavy movie to watch.

Old Boy

Chan-wook Park blew me away when I first got a shot at seeing this. With several twists and turns, the movie that seemed like it was on rails, fell apart in the third act. A visual display of sick and twisted iconography, the film flows with a certain poetry that Spike Lee can’t possibly top. It’s a hard hitting example of how you can make cinema that hurts your senses, and causes you to think, “what if” more than it should. It’s hard to top Old Boy, so go watch it. If not for the story, than for the incredible fight choreography that happens in the movie.

Death Proof

Quentin Tarantino sure knows how to pay tribute to everything that made the 1970s cool. Sex, violence, revenge, and fast cars. The way the camera moves here, the dialogue, the framing of feet, breasts, lips, and everything that can be sexualized is done with such a swift manner. It’s that type of tight framing that makes Death Proof one of the better revenge flicks you’re going to want to see again. Kurt Russell is badass in this role, and he creates havoc with that stunt car of his. The ending is a bit odd to some, but it’s that iconic 1970s low budget schlock that made guys like Sid Haig famous.

The Punisher

Tom Jane created an iconic caricature in his portrayal of The Punisher. The movie was exactly what you’d expect from a revenge flick, and it was done right. Even though I think the modern day Ennis run made the character look more like Scott Hall. This brutal take on it may get lukewarm reviews, but it had enough gusto to get on my list. Jane loved the character so much he even did a short called “Dirty Laundry”. Easily one of my favorite Marvel Superheroes, The Punisher is no one you want to mess with.

Nightmare on Elm Street

The time is now for the ultimate revenge horror movie you need to throw into your blu ray player one more time, and that’s A Nightmare on Elm Street. You burned the guy alive, and now he’s coming back and he’s not taking any prisoners. As the series kept moving forward it got more comedic, but the roots of the story was about a pedophile that got his revenge after the community burned the guy. Sick huh? Watch it again for the first time and see how Wes Craven came into an iconic series and made Robert Englund filthy rich.

What about your picks? Get on a computer and leave me a comment, buy a movie via the links, subscribe to the feed, and tell a friend, tell your mom, whatever. Jervaise where you at?

What do you mean I missed some?

Django Unchained, I Spit on Your Grave, Serbian Film, Run Bitch Run, Last House on The Left, Deathwish and so many others are easily going to fit here, but this is my blog so I picked some to talk about today. You pick your own and then link me, I’ll comment. Until next time, go watch some movies.

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How Not To Write For Scary Film Review

Yesterday, I gave a shot at hiring a writer to help with the work load that this blog has started to push at me. It was met with a lot of replies, we're talking hundreds. Not one person seemed to have applied for a job before, or at least not a writer's position.

So here's my guidelines for writers, just in case in the future I go through with the hiring, because at this point I'm still cycling through pompous replies and requests to get paid more than I get paid for writing as a freelancer.

1. This is not rottentomatoes.com, it is not making money. We were banned from adsense long ago, and haven't been able to get back. They deemed this site too violent for their ad program. So to request $50 a post is ludicrous and stupid. Not only that, if you "love" horror, and do not exhibit that in your reply, why apply? This site is not for those that just want to make a buck, that's what helium.com is/was for.

2. I explicitly asked people not to send me 20 links to past work. I also asked for suggestions. 1 person gave me a suggestion, and it was so obvious, I nearly fell over. Gosh, I wish I would've thought of something so out of this world.

3. Starting your application with "you misspelled something", is not how you approach a new opportunity.

4. Telling me that you're the greatest content producer ever, and your email address is how you make money with your writing, does not impress. In fact, it puts you at the bottom of the list.

5. Oh, your name is "WRITING AGENCY", nice to meet you, NEXT.

6. "I can write anything!" Really? But I asked for someone that liked horror. "I can review anything!" Well, that's cool, but you aren't going to review for this site, NEXT.

7. Your favorite movie is "Paranormal Activity"? Just because? NEXT!

8. THIS IS NOT A CASH COW, why are you asking for $75,000 a year? WHY?

9. Get my attention in the subject of the email, don't just write "Writer" or the classic "hey". You don't get the job.

10. Oh, you think I'm stupid, you hate me, or you think I'm an ass? Start your own site, do it better than mine, and then shove it in my face. I'll applaud you, and then request to write for you and you can do the same thing I'm doing.

I put my email address here on my page. I also have 700 posts. No one seemed to get past the first post. To all applicants, good luck, but you've proven to me why I do this alone. When I started this site, I did so with passion, and with an idea that I love writing for free. I am willing to pay writers, but not without an exhibition of passion. I do have 1 writer coming on board, but only because they gave me the best response. "Fuck it, I'll do it for free". That's passion.

That's how I started.

I have bills too, I get it.

But I also know an opportunity to help get my name out there, and how to pursue passions. It's how I ended up working for the #1 skate/snow shop in Seattle upon graduating college. Writers out there, STOP being so damn pompous. You're not Stephen King. Neither am I. But I'm the one with the blog, crappy as it is, and you're the one that wanted to write for it.

I know this site is not much in terms of literary prowess. However, it's a labor of love and I thought that maybe there were writers out there to share in this, without the hope of getting rich of what I don't have.

Until then, I am Sir Jorge, and I am still writing and looking for help. Leave the pretense, and bring on the passion for writing and horror. We can work together, but not if you feel that life owes you something. Get out of here.

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Yorkshire Ripper Arrested

serial killer books
Buy it here
This day way back in 1981, a serial killer that was given the title of “The Yorkshire Ripper” was arrested. It turns out, he had killed at least 13 women, and caused havoc for 5 years. From 1975 and 1980 and even tried to kill off 7 others. He was charged with murder and is was given life in prison, to be served consecutively. They tried to let him go in 2010, but there was no chance.

This is definitely one of the more notorious killers for modern history. Sometimes these real life stories are much harder than the movies that I’ve reviewed on this blog. There is a series of shows and movies that you can watch that are set with the back drop of these things. It was known as "Red Riding" and one of their releases/shows had this killer in the cross hairs, but it isn't a direct biopic or anything like that. The Yorkshire Ripper went without getting caught for so long, just like John Wayne Gacy, and ended up getting pulled over with the wrong plates!

If you are interested in learning more about this criminal, you can purchase "The Yorkshire Ripper: The In-Depth Study of a Mass Killer and His Methods" for under a dollar. You can purchase that by clicking here, and if you do get it, drop me a line and review it for my blog, I could use some help. More reviews are coming soon.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Real Horror: Fred West Found Murdered

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Everyday, I will be bringing this site into a new direction. We will be talking about real horror, amist reviews of horror movies and science fiction. Today, we will focus on a little known fact for New Year's Day. Today in 1995, serial killer Fred West died. He hung himself in jail, and that caused a whole new way that law enforcement take care of prisoners once they are behind bars.

What was so bad that he would be in jail in the first place? I already said he was a serial killer, stupid. Fred Ward and his wife were responsible for at least 12 murders. His home was known as "House of Horrors". 9 corpses were found on his property and his wife Rosemary joined in after discovering what he was doing.

In 1996, the house known as the "House of Horrors" was demolished, and good riddance. It's not a footpath, for joggers and walkers to enjoy. However, today in 1995, Fred West took his clothing, ripped it apart and hung himself. High profile inmates seem to kill themselves sometimes, like the last guy that was caught with a house of horrors in Arizona.

Read about this true crime in "Fred & Rose: The Full Story of Fred and Rose West and the Gloucester House of Horrors" by Howard Sounes, available through amazon.com, here

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