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The Omen IV: The Awakening Review

The Omen IV: The Awakening is a made for television film, tried to capture another chapter in the horror movie franchise that saw The Devil born to a couple, and making quick work of anyone that got in his way.

The first three films completed a story arc of birth, growth, and finally reign inciting the Armageddon.

If you saw the first three films, and those story lines are fresh in your memory, do me one favor when watching this film; throw them all out. That's right, there is no continuity in this film, as we get a fresh telling of the Omen story with a female lead rather than a child, and we also get mild violence, no nudity, and no harsh language. Making this the only pg version in the horror movie franchise that made for some awesome death scenes, some interesting generational studies, and scary notions on child birth.

Don't let the creepy covers fool you, this film doesn't evoke the same emotional response that the first three films did, or even the remake did a few years ago. In fact, most of this movie is really boring to say the least.

The plot revolves around a couple that adopts a girl from a convent. As one of the Nuns begins to regret her decision, another dies, citing the beginning of the end of anyone that comes in contact with the child. As the child grows up the couple begin to yearn for more children, meanwhile she begins to exhibit some satanic presence and starts systematically killing anyone that is mean to her.

As the mother gets pregnant (adopted mother) and a new child is on the way, new revelations are revealed about the little girl, who is the spawn of satan, forcing the mother to seek out some stiff answers and causing chaos to the doctor's who have records of Delia's birth. (The sister of satan) The shocking revelation is that she is Damian's sister, and that she was carrying the zygote of Damian all along and somehow implanted it in her adopted mother's womb. This is explained in the film by the doctor, but late in the movie so it becomes a little blurred.

Whatever the case is, things start going worse and finally the child is born, and the reveal happens. Not too unlike one of the latest reveals in history, the child is Damian reborn and has the mark of the beast on his hand and as the mother realizes this she encounters delia holding the child....and with a handgun...unleashes the end...but not the one you think.

Remember when I said that no one ever kills a kid in horror movies? Well, do you really believe that they would allow it in a made for television movie? If you said Yes, then you're an idiot.

This movie sucked. I'm sorry, the Omen films are an amazing work of films, and the Sam Neil Omen III wasn't as bad as the second film that seemed to follow Damian into boarding school. I barely made it through this film, and really don't care for the whole angle that they try to make out of it. It just seems rushed, and uninteresting. It's almost as if the directors and crew knew they had a stinker on their hands and just went into something else.

If you do manage to watch this one, make sure you keep your eyes peeled for the Zombie Church Chorus, I kid you not, right before a random death that you do not see at all.

Don't believe me? Check out the official Omen IV: The Awakening Trailer:

This movie isn't worth it, but maybe as part of a box set, I think it might work.

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  1. I want to bugger Asia Vieira (as the little darlin` was at the time this movie was made, not as the bird is now obviously). What a gorgeous little lustpot she was when she was 9 back in 1991, and much more desirable than she is now at the age of 32 ! ! !.


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