Friday, June 6, 2008

Feed Review

When people ask me to talk about the most offensive films ever made, one of the films that I talk about is the movie Feed. Feed is available on DVD, but it is one of the most grotesque and unnecessary films I've ever seen in my life.

I first came across this film while working at a video store a few years back and decided to check it out. The film's plot revolves around a psychopath that is feeding women large amounts of fattening food, filming, weighing, and following their weight gain and displaying the stats online.

People that visit a website can gamble on when the women will die, how fat they will get, and how much they will eat.

If that's not enough, there is a very explicit masturbation scene involved the main character, and one of his victims.

The movie tells his story first, then showcases a detective who's having his own relationship problems amidst investigating this case. He systematically figures out what's going on with the women, and a final showdown is shown, although not exactly the prettiest thing put to film.

The major draw to this film is the director. The director's previous work included "The Lawnmower Man" which is arguably a gem of science fiction cinema.

While this draws on the same psychology that Lawnmower Man tried to pull through, it is over the top in its comedic presentation of the victim, the grotesque and unflinching view of women and food.

Like a punch in the face, this film shocks you in a way that you normally don't get shocked with. It's not a gorey film, although there is a slow building body count, however, gore is replaced by soft brutality. Mounds of fat, and hearing the main character cry out as she is force fed pure blended cheese burgers is just a lot to deal with and looks disgusting.

The marketing campaign also revolved around the sheer shock value of this film, and in the U.S dvd release the tagline is: "The Sickest Movie You'll Ever See". One thing is for sure, if the directors main goal was to make the most sickening film possible, without blood and guts, he succeeded. This film is not necessarily scary, or filled with blood or regular brutality or violence, but it's a fattening, gut busting, sexualized, psychopathic piece of cinema that transcends mere horror and turns into a must see and own for any horror movie fan.

In regards to horror cinema, this film will definitely go down as one of the most offensive films, purely because of the premise of feeding women fat until the literally burst. If that doesn't offend you, then maybe the subplot of people betting on their deaths will do you in...and even if that fails to get you, the dialogue, and sounds will tear your psyche a new one.

Feed is available online and in our horror movie store, check out this film based solely on the fact that it is one of the most offensive and disturbing films ever made.

Although, on this viewing, which is my fifth viewing and second time reviewing, it seems to be almost comical to me.

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