Friday, June 20, 2008

Mirrors Trailer Is Scary

Alexandre Aja, director of The Hills Have Eyes remake, is the mastermind of this new new horror film starring Kiefer Sutherland entitled: Mirrors. This one opens August 15th and looks creepy as hell. Here is the official Trailer for the film Mirrors:

The synopsis is: A mall security guard becomes wrapped up in a mystery involving a particular department store's mirrors which seem to bring out the worst in people.

It's not look like a bad one, but then again, I wasn't too thrilled with The Hills Have Eyes remake, and felt that Wes Craven's continuous selling out of his old movies are detrimental to his horror legacy. I'll be marking my calendar for this one though, even if critics pan it. I have no clue whether or not Wes is behind the remakes, or is getting cash, but it just seems dumb to remake what is already good.

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