Friday, June 20, 2008

Ax Em Review

Ax Em

Some people say that this is the worst movie ever made. It might as well be. This movie is so bad, that I don't even know how to explain it really. So I stole the synopsis from, my favorite site for horror reviews, and this is what they said about it:

A weekend retreat at a cabin in the woods for a group of childhood friends turns into a nightmare as a former friend, whose family was killed years, earlier comes looking for revenge.

I guess that wasn't too hard. I'm just lazy these days.

This film is NOT worth its weight, not worth buying, but maybe worth seeing once for posterity's sake. This movie is just horrible. Everything about this film bad except for the movie and dvd poster, which has some ok reference.

The film quality is low budget, but extremely low budget. Like a VHS camcorder was used for this film, which is the worst thing I've ever seen. The Sound quality is not stereo, and I'm having a hard time believing it was even mastered at all. This film is just the pits. The acting is bad, but you can't even hear them talk, and when you turn up the sound there is a lot of hiss and static, proving that there is a bottom rung on the straight to dvd market.

If that wasn't bad enough, there are a lot of unnecessary fade outs for scenes that really don't make sense.

If you're still watching towards the killing scenes, you might find a few things cool about it, but it's really hard to manage, and it just makes you want to smash your television and go outside and see what's up with the world.

Don't buy Ax'Em, and avoid it if you see it in the bargain bin at Wal*Mart, it's really bad.

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  1. i just bought it on ebay!
    its a good movie!
    i dont know what your talking about
    it makes me lmao

  2. you are one of the few, and the proud.


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