Friday, February 26, 2010

REWIND: Night of the Demons Review

I read this weekend that they are going to be remaking this film with Shannon Elizabeth attached in the lead role. I'm not sure how I feel about that, but I'm sure it can't top the way this movie makes me feel all warm inside.

Night of the Demons

Alright, here is a classic for me, but not very well known for everyone. The movie is called Night of the Demons!

The movie revolves around a group of high school kids that are invited to a Halloween party at a haunted house. The house is a local mortuary, that has been abandoned for years. The kids are the usual gang of idiots, the class clown, the tough guy, the token black guy, the preppy kid, the preppy, the goth chick and the virgin who will have to fight off the demons! The main villain, Angela, decides to bring on a séance and unleashes hell onto the kids, and each dies a horrible death!

The movie was scary for me when I first saw it, when I was six years old! I didn’t really understand it when I was a kid, or what the gratuitous nude and sex scenes were all about, but then I bought the movie on dvd, and things all made sense.

The movie breaks a few taboos in it’s 90 minute course of horror goodness.

The first being that there is a death/sex scene in a coffin, which is not a good taboo to break, and reprehensible for me since one of my first jobs was selling caskets; a dead end job trust me. (That was a horrible pun)

The second thing being the black guy wins. No, no, I’m not a racist, and I know that you’re probably going to think that I’m going to be stretching a hard stance, but consider the fact that the ongoing stereotype is that the minorities get it first. Not this time around, we actually see a Michael Jackson costumed guy and an Alice and Wonderland girl barely make it through this one. Of course, I just spoiled the ending for you, but come on, I couldn’t resist.

The movie has a lot of sexual tension, and coarse joking. There’s even a scene where a woman puts a lipstick tube through her nipple, which is something you don’t really see everyday in normal Rated R horror films.

Here is the trailer for Night of The Demons:

This movie is going to find fans quick, and those that have already seen it either love it or hate it. I am in the category of loving it. I think there’s a good mixture of cheese and gore, and the sexuality is turned up because the director and writers knew what the audience wanted out of this. When I saw this in the horror section as a kid, I thought that this film was a porno, but it turned out to be an awesome little goregasm of a film. (Gore and Orgasm forms the word goregasm, which mixes sex and horror/gore, my new vocabulary word of the day) I recommend this film, as it is full of cliché horror moments, a couple of taboos, and some scary “witching”. It really draws some lines between a slasher film, a zombie flick and a supernatural haunting. It really doesn't define any genre's, that's for sure.

This film spawned some sequels, but none of them as good as the original 1988 release Night of the Demons, now available on dvd.

Before the remake comes through, make sure you check this one out. The Remake of Night of the Demons, is not going to trump this one...or is it?

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Perfect Getaway Review

A Perfect Getaway

A Perfect Getaway was marketed as a pure horror film
at the time of its theatrical release. However, it mixes different elements of fantasy, horror, and more. I was quite taken aback at how good the pacing, and overall story of this film turned out, and I guess it’s going to really be controversial, but I actually loved the horror that this film brought with not only smart writing, but beautiful landscaping, and music. Editing was also a key point of this film, and I loved the way some parts had edits tagging side by side with music.

The first thing I noticed about this film was how pretty Milla Jovavich was. I found her stunning and I don’t usually like her, but in this film the way her accent works and her overall look was really impressive to me personally. I don’t usually fall for chicks like that, but man, she just had this tangible beauty in the early parts of this film, that really made things worthwhile when the latter turns.

The plot revolves around a group of honeymooners on a trip in Hawaii. Through the course of the film we find out bits and pieces of the rest of the story, and back-story that includes little foreshadowing about the future decisions that are going to be made in the film. The story gets complicated when news spreads that there is a couple of killers loose on the island. As our main couple get involved with a new couple, things start to get complicated and we are treated to a round of “who dunit” and then things start to really escalate from there.

The scary parts of this film really revolves around the plausibility of this story. Could a two couples really go hiking and 2 of them be killers? Yes! HELL YEAH! I’m in, hook line and sinker. Steve Zahn plays a good overall roll and really sells the “good guy” thing at very good parts of the film.

The third act, wow, it really starts to turn around and if you invest a good amount of time into it, you really see how good the writing becomes. The moments that you think you’ve got the killers down, you start to reluctantly switch gears, then you start to really see the overall picture. You start to realize that you were wrong, and if you say you figured it out earlier than the movie shows you, you’ll be lying to yourself and me…or maybe you’re too smart to watch movies…I don’t know, I didn’t get the right answer.

The film’s third act turns over a new leaf with expert editing, music, and more. You feel the tension in the cuts, you feel the brutality as it arises through some great cinematography. I really enjoyed the overall sense of urgency that arose as the plot thickened and the twists came.

The music is awesome, the editing in the third act sold me greatly. It was fabulous. I loved it.

Is A Perfect Getaway Scary? : Yes.

I think that this film, despite the minor flaws I found in it, had some of the best scary moments. The whole uncertainty of who the killers are, who’s on who’s side and the way it plays out was quite good. The flashback sequences and turning point that brought you back to the present story was great too. It really sucks you in. The scariest part for me was that I was recently in an exotic place and after seeing this am now a bit worried about the possibilities.

Ok, so I’m not exactly scared, but this movie really brought up something that Turistas, and others didn’t.

Is this movie perfect?


Is this movie truly horror? Yes and No.

I loved the pace, I loved the editing and the tense music, and the lush landscapes. I really thought this one was worth my time and recommended it. A Perfect Getaway sucked me in then pulled the rug under me before pummeling me, then allowing me to cheer on my favorite characters to see a good outcome. I guess I’m getting soft in my old age. I loved it.

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Monday, February 22, 2010

REWIND: The Curve Review

The Curve 1998

The Curve, or Dead Man’s Curve as the poster states, is a lame excuse for a thriller. Billed as a horror film, this movie is more like a made for television Sci-Fi Channel exclusive than a real film with weight or substance. The movie follows along a plot that we’ve seen in a film called Dead Man on Campus. (Interesting to note, the movie title was changed from Dead Man’s Curve to The Curve after confusion with the comedic piece)

The movie starts out with the comedic premise of two room mates trying to get their friend to commit suicide in order to get straight A’s.

Sounds like a carbon copy right? It sure is, and for the most part the comedy alliance ends there. The movie then begins to take a sobering trip through circumstances, investigation, and betrayal, as the characters start to get paranoid.

The film plays out with two friends, fed up with their best friend’s behavior. They begin to buy depressing music, depressing books, and isolating their friend to look as though he’s depressed. They eventually get him drunk and push him over the edge…literally.

Here is a trailer for the semi-horror/thriller The Curve:

There are a lot of cliché’s in this film, such as: the drunken party ending in a fight, a girlfriend gets pregnant and her life is supposedly over, a best friend gets a blow job from his friends girl, and then the betrayals!

If you like twist endings, and have lasted through 80 minutes of this film, you’re going to enjoy the ending. There are a total of 4 twists, and all are just tacked on at the end for that nightmare quality and tone. We get these twists only after the initial suicide victim retells the story, and we see that he was the mastermind all along.

This movie was not really that good, and wasn't worth my time. I stayed with it though, because I swore there was something weird going on in the film, and there was. The plot twists at the end really tried to save everything, but instead it just made me upset. This movie feels like a long Twilight Zone episode, so if you like that sort of thing, this is effective. While, it is not straight laced Horror, there are still dark themes and a we'll lump it into this site. If you really want to see The Curve, get it via Netflix, and if you're a huge Matthew Lillard fan, buy The Curve via and help me keep getting these horror films.

Teenage plot twists? Not exactly a winning formula, but if you're interested here is some further viewing:

Dead Man on Campus via

I Know What You Did Last Summer via
Scream via
Scary Movie via

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Friday, February 19, 2010

Cabin Fever 2 Review

Cabin Fever2

One of my favorite directorial debut’s was Eli Roth’s Cabin Fever. However, the sequel to that went straight to dvd, and didn’t really involve Roth’s creative touch and for that, it suffered. Cabin Fever 2 came out this week, and really let me down in a lot of ways. However, there were a few good points but not enough to save the film from the straight to dvd blues.

First and foremost, I was really excited that Rider Strong was back, but not in the way you think, and unfortunately made the match suffer an unfortunate death fast. The gore effects start within 5 minutes, which I thought was awesome. There were some sick effects, and sometimes they looked CG but at others looked standard, I liked the mix of the two.

The film has a simple premise. The water that is bottled and sold at a small high school is turning the students into dead meat. It’s a sick process, but it’s a slow process and really lacks the pacing of the first film.

I love the way the film deals with the gore. I absolutely appreciated that. The film starts out looking like a legit theatrical release, but unfortunately, as the film progresses it falls short of anything worthwhile.

The film breaks down and really just rehashes the first film without the quality acting, and clever one liners. This film is like a zombie film with no zombies, and while it was interesting to see Winston back in his “partying” attitude, it was not nearly as good as the first film.

So much so that it’s not scary, and it’s not worth it. I was so let down. Maybe you’ll like it. Cabin Fever 2 doesn't deserve a whole lot of attention, even though liked bits and pieces. Maybe you'll enjoy it more.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

REWIND: Second Look Cabin Fever Review

cabin fever

Here we go, I haven't done one of these in a while. I take a second look at films that I've reviewed before, and I try to give it one more shot. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't, and most of the time I forget to write the posts. Because today is a holiday, I decided to take a second look at cabin Fever, the first directed film by Eli Roth.

The story revolves around a skin disease that is transmitted through the tap water in a nearby camp ground.

Here is a trailer for Cabin Fever:

Cabin Fever follows an easy model of slasher film lore. A group of twenty-somethings go out to the woods to stay at a cabin and enjoy a good time. As their trip progresses, the realize that things are going sour through the water. As the skin starts to take their lives, they must figure out how to get away from the camp ground and get to safety!

The visuals aren't half bad. The photography is clean and neat, the progression of scenes actually resembles far more eery films. It's interesting to note that the transitions between death and life, night and day, are done with such great timing. You really think you're watching an expert film director, instead of a first timer. Roth really does a good job pushing through the horror, but not before setting up the premise slowly and evenly. The visual aspects really help you with the rest of the film, so by the time you start seing the body count, you are in for full throttle.

There are some random comedic parts and there are portions of the film that make no sense. For instance, there is a kid that does karate screaming for pancakes, he bites a victim and therefore gets the virus, but it makes little sense.

There is an obviously racist joke made in the beginning of the film, but it ties in at the end nicely, so watch out for that.

cabin fever sex

The movie also has some overt sexual situations. They involve casual sex, but moreover desperation sex. While I appreciate gratuitous sex scenes, these seem a it forced. I did in fact enjoy them the transitions, one which included using mouthwash to clean the penis.

Cabin Fever
, upon second look, really has a lot of flaws. I didn't really think that the film had a lot to offer the first time around, but I really liked it. I saw it originally on vhs through my local video store, and somewhere along the ways I ended up liking it quite a bit. However, looking back at the film, I don't really know if I can recommend it with full heart. I do enjoy Cabin Fever for sentimental reasons, since it was one of the first films I bought on dvd...I'm a slow adopter.

So as for today, enjoy your memorial day, and maybe dust off your copy of Cabin Fever on dvd, and check it out for a second look. Also, read my previous review of Cabin Fever, and see if there's any news on the sequel...which has a special star from Boy Meets World coming back for some more.

**Note, since it was a holiday and I had a day off today, I decided to do a "second look" post. We're heading towards the end of the month, so enjoy another couple of reviews and the end of month post. Indeed!

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Monday, February 15, 2010


Seed of Chucky

The experiment is over, I could not get more than a few entries, and those that entered thank you very much. I appreciate the support.

The winner of the dvd has been notified. I had a few email entries from people that claimed they just couldn't post a comment because of blogger, and so I put names into a hat, shook it and got a name.

Your copy of SEED OF CHUCKY is on its way! THanks.

I highly doubt I can afford to give more away, I still have no job, I'm tired and want to sleep. I'll be back with the mailbag sooner than later, that's for sure.

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Friday, February 12, 2010

REWIND: Inseminoid Review

Inseminoid Dvd Cover Art

The box cover for the dvd doesn't evoke quite the same feeling as the vhs box cover. Compare the two...above is the new Inseminoid box cover, and below is the vhs edition...very different covers.

Inseminoid Vhs Box Art

When I first ran into the vhs edition of this movie, I thought it was some sort of sex-ploitation, grindhouse film, and in someways it really is.

Tower of Evil: A nude crazed woman slaughters a sailor on an island, then is taken back to civilization. An expedition is mounted to explore the island, which leads to a series of psychosexual murders. Inseminoid: A horrorific alien life form is awakened, and it needs the bodies of those who disturbed it can breed!! Horror Hospital: Doc Storm, a crippled demented genius, performs brain surgery on his patients, making them brainless zombies! Curse of the Voodoo: After killing a lion, a big game hunter finds himself cursed by some African lion worshippers. The hunter then must find the witchdoctor and kill him, as the only way to lift the curse.

src -

This movie is cheese!

While exploring a distant planet, astronauts uncover a weird alien being who impregnates one of the crew.

Now the crew must figure out what to do next, and save the crew member, who is hell bent on feasting on human flesh.

Stupid Astronaut

If you can withstand the horrible lighting, bad acting, bad dubbing and overall horrible movie, you will be treated to one of the most phalic looking monsters in horror movie history. The alien being actually has sex with one of the crew members, and it's just disgusting.

If sexualized alien assault isn't really your cup of tea, well then you'll be glad that gore level. Body cavities, blood spilling, entrail busting gore is seen throughout this film. That's the only saving grace of this obscure grindhouse feature.

Sometimes this film is called Horror Planet, and sometimes it is called Inseminoid...I call it CHEESE!

Check out the trailer for Inseminoid, and rejoice that it is available on dvd.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Zombieland Review

Zombieland Poster

2009 was not the most memorable year in movies for me. I don’t remember a whole lot that happened. I think The Ruins came out, right? I know there was some sick gore in that film, but other than that, I only remember Jenna Malone’s forehead taking up like 4/5th’s of the silver screen.

But then I was pleasantly surprised when on dvd last week when Zombieland came through my desk. I wasn’t too sure if I can stomach another zombie film, but this one had enough gusto to make me like it, and I even went ahead and purchased it, which is a rare thing for me to do lately. I spent my last twenty bucks on getting this film, and it was probably a dumb move because I have no job, no one buys anything from this site, nor has anyone bought any buttons. But all that is irrelevant at this point, because here’s my attempt to talk about Zombieland.

The movie takes a comedic approach to the post-apocalyptic zombie earth. It’s a desolate scene to consider and you see a lot of devastation early on. We meet our main character, he’s the standard hero, too smart for his own good, and a bit on the geeky side. He begins the film with telling us his rules, to comedic effect. Along the way he teams up with a rogue anti-hero who’s sole purpose in the film besides lending some great characterizations is to find some twinkies. We then meet two young girls that turn out to be con artists in a way, and somewhere in the middle of the film we end up with one of the best cameo’s in movie history.

Here’s a trailer for the film Zombieland:

Zombieland is good despite some flaws. I found myself enjoying the comedic elements tied into more serious moments. I didn’t even mind the farfetched love story that was thrown in for good measure. Woody Harrelson really did a great job with his role, and fits perfectly overall. He is a natural, and the rest of the cast really fit in nicely. No one seems forced to perform here, they all just naturally move through the film’s landscape in search of greener pastures.

In the middle of the film there is a cameo that I won’t ruin. You’ll love it, it’s really a great one you’ll be talking about this for days.

The gore levels, the attention to minor details, and the overall seriousness of zombie attacks really mix well in this film. While it’s a horror comedy before it is a straight horror movie, it’s got enough gusto to make even jaded horror movie fans rejoice at a fresh offering from the zombie camp.

Is Zombieland scary? : No.

This film, I don’t think, was meant to be scary. It’s not a scary movie at all. In fact it’s a comedy, albeit very black in its humor. I loved it, and thought it was a breath of fresh air in terms of stylized violence, and zombie attacks.

Sure there are negative moments, and some of the pacing seems a bit off. There are CGI errors that I noted, and there were some unbelievable situations that don’t make sense to me personally. I lived in Southern California near “Magic Mountain” where some of this film was made and the rides and landscape are fabricated to fit the movie, so that took me a back a little. However, minor scrapes and bruises in the course of this film shouldn’t relegate it as a terrible film.

Zombieland is definitely one of my favorite movies I’ve seen for review on this site. I liked it. You might like it too. Check it out on dvd or bluray.


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Monday, February 8, 2010


*I picked up the new Saw film on dvd and it comes with the original film, so you get 2 dvd's in one. I also liked how in the special features there was a video for Hatebreed's soundtrack feature on this film. That sentence made no sense.

So here's a look back at Saw VI, which I didn't completely hate.

Saw 6 Poster

Oh and here we go, the sixth installment of Saw. I had high hopes for this one as I was under the impression that this this film series would get sewn up in this edition. I was surprised to see hwo good this one was in comparison to the other sequels, and found it interesting to say the least. It is definitely ranking high on my guilty pleasures list that's for sure.

Saw VI opens up with one of the sickest openings for a saw film. Two people chop body parts off to see who lives, one lives, one dies. It's a sick opening, and definitely forced, consider the gore levels we saw previously in this series.

Here is a trailer for the film Saw VI:

The movie deals with what we are told are the final six Saw victims. The story comes full circle as we see "jigsaw" in flash back format, trying to get health insurance coverage, and seeing how messed up things are. He focuses on everyone involved with the health care company that refused him coverage. So with those victims targeted, the rest of the film makes a good attempt of sewing up the other loose ends.

The film looks, sounds, and moves like a saw sequel. I've always stated that the first film was great, and the sequels were just trying too hard to be that good. They never were, but this one seems to try really hard to return to form, even though it fails a little. The amount of blood shed in this film is incredible, making things harsh for some viewers. However, you must remember you're watching a Saw film.

Saw VI is not going to make you believe in the series, if you're not already interested in the film series. You need to understand that this film isn't cerebral in any sense of the word. There are some plot holes, flash backs and so much more that you'll want to shake your head at. However, six films in, you end up letting it slide most of the time.

Saw VI fails to live
up to the original, but who really is thinking about the original film? I know I wasn't, and I liked this one enough to give it a pass. Sure it's not great, sure it has some major plot holes, but overall? I liked it. I thought it was better than the other sequels in the series, and it sewed up the series nicely...assuming this is the end of the Saw series.

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Friday, February 5, 2010

Deep Red Review

Deep Red

This week I was fortunate enough to see Deep Red, the director’s cut. It’s quite the film and really a stroke of genius from Dario Argento. If you haven’t seen this film, you owe yourself a little gift. Here’s my attempt to review the 1975 Dario Argento Giallo classic thriller, Deep Red.

The film is a mystery thriller, and from the opening shots you can tell it’s an Argento film. The color saturation, the stylized artwork and the camera on a string technique is a marvelous thing when watching Argento films. I love how the colors are so vivid, even many years later. Deep Red starts off with some creepy music, as Goblin once again comes through with an amazing set of songs. You gotta love the sound on these films.

The movie revolves around a music professor that is investigating the violent murder of a psychic. Just like Tenebre, this film has first person view kills with some sick blood and gore effects. These are not light weight death sequences, they are artistic in a lot of different ways.

The film goes in and out between English dubbing and an Italian language track, so that might be a downside for some. I found it to be fine, and stayed with it despite these glaring drops.

Here’s a trailer for the film Deep Red:

The pace to this film is tough. Seriously, this film takes a long time to set up, and spends a lot of time between death scenes to set up the climax and finale. If you’re not familiar with this style of film making, you’re going to really dislike this one. It’s not paced like a break neck roller coaster, it’s paced with a style that only Argento can lay claim to. Just like Tenebre, this film ends with a quick surprise ending and amazing sequence of death that ties the whole film together.

Is Deep Red Scary: Yes.

This film is scary because the characters are treated as something more than just disposable characters. Seriously, this film knocks you to the ground with each death. You think you know who it is, you count on the finale to reveal your suspected character is the one that is doing the dirty work, but nope, you get thrown for a loop.

This film is quite good, and has some real scary moments. I know this topical review to an over 2 hour long film is really not giving Argento justice, but I don’t know how to really push the grammar out to explain the nuances of this film. There are so many points to this film that I can’t simply cast a review that will give it enough justice. Check out Deep Red as an instant classic, both in scope and storytelling. You won’t regret it.


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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

George A. Romero’s Land of the Dead Review

Land of the Dead

The sixth film from George A. Romero shows a major improvement over some other zombie films be lesser directors. I’m a fan of zombie films, and Romero is the master when it comes to zombies. You can’t have a zombie film without Romero’s stamp in there. It’s a true notion and something that is considerably better than European fast zombies, Ozploitation cannibal zombies, and dare I say 28 Days Later speed metal zombies.

This film came out in 2005 and watching it today it’s really a breath of fresh air for me. I’ve been bogged down recently with modern horror films and their attempts at horror with lack of gore. Gore is an important element for me when a film is Rated R. If a rated R film comes across my desk it had better be good overall in terms of brutality. Seriously, brutality is an important thing when considering horror, and while the 70’s and 80’s ushered in a bit of T&A, it doesn’t make it the standard for today’s films. That’s not to say that you can’t have a scary film with no gore, as proven by “Hardy Candy”. However, when your name is George Romero you better have some gore effects and Tom Savini if possible.

Land of the Dead delivers with one hell of a punch early on. It fights hard to showcase a horrific, post apocalyptic scenario and mixes it with a bit of old school horror and terror. The gore effects are well executed, creating that genre blur that you need, and while I can totally tell that there are gore effects done in CG, I still appreciate the use of it. It’s not as obvious as Midnight Meat Train. Tom Savini shows up in a great cameo eating the flesh of a human, which creates some sick applause inside all of us horror fans.

The look and feel of this film is grainy at times, it’s dark at times, and the lighting effects aren’t quite there. I’m not sure what I’m looking at sometimes, which is something that causes hard camera swerves and sick gore effects. However, these are muted at times when it doesn’t need to be, and I’m wondering if that’s a studio insert or something. There’s no reason why there should be a quick censor immediately after a zombie is eating intestinal parts. But it’s there. The musical cues are right on, and this film as a whole is a completed film.

The storyline in this film has a Y stuck right on it after some gore and blood effects in the opening moments. We move towards a more serious film with a more serious event unfolding. Dennis Hopper and John Leguizamo play off each other in such a great way that it creates a sense of cement in terms of acting prowess. Acting prowess is a key factor in developing modern horror film, above just straight to dvd fare. I liked the way attention to subtlety of lighting, looks, smiles, reactions and more. However, these are also the downsides at times.

Is Land of the Dead Scary: No.

I’m not scared by this film, but there are moments that could scare. The amount of time it takes to set up the meat of this story is a bit lacking. The middle of the road moments really felt out of place. However, the strengths are lying within the hidden meanings behind the story line. The dichotomy of rich to poor, alive and dead is so well placed. The juxtaposition of zombies working together and humans falling apart when forced to work together is definitely something that many people might miss.

The fact that the rich continue to live in nice apartments, saved from the outside world is just an amazing piece of political meaning. It makes sense on so many different levels, which is not easily found in a lot of modern fare.

George A. Romero is the king of zombies, but this film is not the best of his work. It ends somewhere along the way and doesn’t really put itself together once it breaks to the credits. It really pulls the rug from under you, and leaves the characters with their own fates, but after doing a lot of thinking, I am satisfied with the ending overall. I’m conflicted about this film, although I enjoyed it, and I think many of the fans are split down the middle as well. I recommend watching Land of the Dead, it’s going to be a classic, just give it time.


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Monday, February 1, 2010

REWIND: Wrong Turn 2 Review

Wrong Turn 2 is a great sequel in many ways. It is a major throwback to horror films that I enjoyed growing up, and it was somehow different than your average run of the mill direct to dvd sequel. The original wrong turn movie was sub par in comparison, truly it is.

Right off the bat the visuals were done really well for this type of movie, and what was perceived as a payday for Henry Rollins, proved to be more than just that with great execution and tact.

The movie follows a group of twenty-something’s on a reality show that tests their wits in a post apocalyptic world. The host, Henry Rollins is a legitimate bad ass who takes no prisoners. Things get out of hand when some freaks come out of the woods and start chopping people in half in a gorefest that I haven’t seen in a long time.

When I say gore, I really mean it this time. There are entrails spilling out of cavities, and brains splattering everywhere. Not to mention bodies being blown into pieces by dynamite.

The best part of this movie has to be Henry Rollins. He doesn’t just roll over and die, he totally annihilates the freaks with some major punishment. He totally takes no prisoners at all! He grabs the villains by the throat and makes sure they are dead before moving on to help save whoever isn’t dead yet.

The action is fast, and the sequences are genuinely frenetic, as they should be, and the pacing never lets up.

If that is not enough of an implication for you to check this film out, there is also some boobs. That’s right, we get some nudity, and this movie truly gets the R rating or “Unrated” treatment. It’s light on the cuss words, but heavy on the gore, and Rollins proves that he is bad ass, no matter how poorly written a film is.

This is a true surprise to me, and is instantly a cult classic, if you can get away from the title and the original film.

As far as Wrong Turn 2, the film is not that scary, but it is gross and there are terror elements that surround every turn. This is a far superior movie than the first, and is definitely a worthwhile romp through horror cinema. I haven't seen a movie capitalize on its missteps in a franchise in a long time, and this movie does it so well, it's a surprise to see that it got green lit. People might be turned off by the Wrong Turn 2 dvd, since it reminds them a bad original movie, and it is straight to dvd, but check it out anyways. Check out the wrong turn 2 trailer below and then watch it; if you don't like Henry Rollins, you might not like this movie. He proves he can be a true icon.

The Wrong Turn 2 movie poster leaves a little bit to be desired, but the movie hits harder than a brick.

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