Monday, June 9, 2008

Wrestlemaniac Review

Wrestlemaniac Dvd

Wrestlemaniac is a film that most people will not ever even consider watching. The film is just too low budget, too scarce, and just not something the horror community is going to drool over.

But not me, this is The Scary Films Blog and I watch EVERYTHING that comes through my mail slot. This movie was straight to the point, simple, and definitely creepy on many levels. It also starred the great Mexican Wrestler; Rey Misterio. (Uncle of Rey Mysterio Jr.)

The movie follows a group of amateur porn film makers on a trip to Mexico. They stumble across a ghost town, where someone begins to kill off the crew. The one Mexican member of the crew tells a tale about El Mascarado, and how he haunts this little town, called Sangre de Dios, and he's the one responsible for the slayings.

We open the film with this image, and title, and there is no major explanation as to why.

The movie goes through some interesting plot points, but the best of all has to be the fact that the wrestler/psycho/killer rips the face off of the people, then puts the faces on his wall. The wrestler stalks all the victims, and eventually kills off every member of the crew.

The film quality was remarkably high considering this seems to be a straight to dvd release. Just when I was ready to give up on this one, a true gem occurred towards the end of the film. One of the crew members decides to wrestle El Mascarado! He puts on a mask and tries to wrestle the psycho, which leads to comical results.

I thought for sure that this movie was going to get really lame, but it ended up just being no nonsense horror. The ending makes no sense, as the camera pans up the van that the crew was in, to see the wrestler driving it out of town.

I sure hope this does not mean a sequel, but if it does, I guess I'm ready for another one. Overall, Wrestlemaniac is an ok watch. It is surprisingly short, clocking in only at 1 hour and 15 minutes, and getting all the action started within the first thirty minutes of the films start. There was enough gore to keep horror enthusiasts happy, while having enough acting to keep a casual fan interested.

Here's a trailer for the film Wrestlemaniac:

Wrestlemaniac on dvd is worth a rental, or if you're a diehard fan of lucha libre and/or horror film, you might want to rent this one. It comes from the same company that has been releasing a lot of films straight to dvd, Anchor Bay.

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