Saturday, January 30, 2010


Seed of Chucky

This is somewhat of an experiment. You can finally get something free from this website. You can win a dvd of "Seed of Chucky". All you have to do to win this dvd, is comment. Leave me a comment from this point forward until February 15th 2010 and you will be entered to win a FREE Seed of CHUCKY DVD!

This contest is open to ANYONE in the United States. UK fans, and others, I'm sorry. But we'll have to figure something out in the near future.

So comment, tell a friend, tell them to comment, and please support the site.

If all goes well my plan is to give away dvd's each month.

Leave me a comment, or send an email if you can't comment to sir jorge AT gmail dot com, if you win you'll be notified by maybe don't post your email for everyone to see just drop me a line or spell it out...

Good luck and goodnight...

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  1. I guess I will post first.

  2. I can't believe more people haven't posted. I will say I just found this site, and it makes for good reading about movies that I may want to see.


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