Monday, February 1, 2010

REWIND: Wrong Turn 2 Review

Wrong Turn 2 is a great sequel in many ways. It is a major throwback to horror films that I enjoyed growing up, and it was somehow different than your average run of the mill direct to dvd sequel. The original wrong turn movie was sub par in comparison, truly it is.

Right off the bat the visuals were done really well for this type of movie, and what was perceived as a payday for Henry Rollins, proved to be more than just that with great execution and tact.

The movie follows a group of twenty-something’s on a reality show that tests their wits in a post apocalyptic world. The host, Henry Rollins is a legitimate bad ass who takes no prisoners. Things get out of hand when some freaks come out of the woods and start chopping people in half in a gorefest that I haven’t seen in a long time.

When I say gore, I really mean it this time. There are entrails spilling out of cavities, and brains splattering everywhere. Not to mention bodies being blown into pieces by dynamite.

The best part of this movie has to be Henry Rollins. He doesn’t just roll over and die, he totally annihilates the freaks with some major punishment. He totally takes no prisoners at all! He grabs the villains by the throat and makes sure they are dead before moving on to help save whoever isn’t dead yet.

The action is fast, and the sequences are genuinely frenetic, as they should be, and the pacing never lets up.

If that is not enough of an implication for you to check this film out, there is also some boobs. That’s right, we get some nudity, and this movie truly gets the R rating or “Unrated” treatment. It’s light on the cuss words, but heavy on the gore, and Rollins proves that he is bad ass, no matter how poorly written a film is.

This is a true surprise to me, and is instantly a cult classic, if you can get away from the title and the original film.

As far as Wrong Turn 2, the film is not that scary, but it is gross and there are terror elements that surround every turn. This is a far superior movie than the first, and is definitely a worthwhile romp through horror cinema. I haven't seen a movie capitalize on its missteps in a franchise in a long time, and this movie does it so well, it's a surprise to see that it got green lit. People might be turned off by the Wrong Turn 2 dvd, since it reminds them a bad original movie, and it is straight to dvd, but check it out anyways. Check out the wrong turn 2 trailer below and then watch it; if you don't like Henry Rollins, you might not like this movie. He proves he can be a true icon.

The Wrong Turn 2 movie poster leaves a little bit to be desired, but the movie hits harder than a brick.

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