Wednesday, February 17, 2010

REWIND: Second Look Cabin Fever Review

cabin fever

Here we go, I haven't done one of these in a while. I take a second look at films that I've reviewed before, and I try to give it one more shot. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't, and most of the time I forget to write the posts. Because today is a holiday, I decided to take a second look at cabin Fever, the first directed film by Eli Roth.

The story revolves around a skin disease that is transmitted through the tap water in a nearby camp ground.

Here is a trailer for Cabin Fever:

Cabin Fever follows an easy model of slasher film lore. A group of twenty-somethings go out to the woods to stay at a cabin and enjoy a good time. As their trip progresses, the realize that things are going sour through the water. As the skin starts to take their lives, they must figure out how to get away from the camp ground and get to safety!

The visuals aren't half bad. The photography is clean and neat, the progression of scenes actually resembles far more eery films. It's interesting to note that the transitions between death and life, night and day, are done with such great timing. You really think you're watching an expert film director, instead of a first timer. Roth really does a good job pushing through the horror, but not before setting up the premise slowly and evenly. The visual aspects really help you with the rest of the film, so by the time you start seing the body count, you are in for full throttle.

There are some random comedic parts and there are portions of the film that make no sense. For instance, there is a kid that does karate screaming for pancakes, he bites a victim and therefore gets the virus, but it makes little sense.

There is an obviously racist joke made in the beginning of the film, but it ties in at the end nicely, so watch out for that.

cabin fever sex

The movie also has some overt sexual situations. They involve casual sex, but moreover desperation sex. While I appreciate gratuitous sex scenes, these seem a it forced. I did in fact enjoy them the transitions, one which included using mouthwash to clean the penis.

Cabin Fever
, upon second look, really has a lot of flaws. I didn't really think that the film had a lot to offer the first time around, but I really liked it. I saw it originally on vhs through my local video store, and somewhere along the ways I ended up liking it quite a bit. However, looking back at the film, I don't really know if I can recommend it with full heart. I do enjoy Cabin Fever for sentimental reasons, since it was one of the first films I bought on dvd...I'm a slow adopter.

So as for today, enjoy your memorial day, and maybe dust off your copy of Cabin Fever on dvd, and check it out for a second look. Also, read my previous review of Cabin Fever, and see if there's any news on the sequel...which has a special star from Boy Meets World coming back for some more.

**Note, since it was a holiday and I had a day off today, I decided to do a "second look" post. We're heading towards the end of the month, so enjoy another couple of reviews and the end of month post. Indeed!

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