Sunday, April 13, 2008

Cabin Fever Review

The Eli Roth film that started his directorial career, was one that was met with mixed reviews, to say the least. A grand majority of people that saw the movie, thought it was dumb. However, those that saw it for more than just a cheap b-movie film, have a fond memory of the plot that didn’t involve a serial killer, and more resembled a true to life pandemic.

With all the talk of Bird Flu, I was surprised that more people didn’t enjoy the way this film played out. The film surrounds a group of young adults on a trip to the woods for a nice little camping trip, but once there, they encounter an odd string of events. The events begin to unfold as a skin disease that is onset from drinking the tap water.

Why is the tap water contaminated?

The movie doesn’t really locate a source for the water, outside of a dead body in a stream that flows into the containers that offset the tap. Automatically this raises some questions, but since it’s horror, you really have to suspend belief in order to latch onto a greater plot scenario. As the young adults begin to show signs of skin disease they want to start quarantining friends, drawing lines and taking sides.

The film starts getting really bad, when there is no help from the locals, and there is no one around to contact for help.

Comic relief comes through in the form of a local deputy named Winston. The movie never really takes itself too seriously, with Eli Roth (the director) joining in on the fun, as a hippy stoner guy with a dog named Doctor Mambo!

As things start to get progressively worse, people start falling off due to the skin disease, and eventually only two survive…or do they?

The movie takes a major supernatural turn towards the end, with Rider Strong’s character hitting a deer, getting vomited on, and nearly kicked to death. Then some strange occurrences in the hospital happen, alongside other things.

Interestingly enough, the film carries some major weight at the end, and comes around full circle, with comic relief, and a way out.

If you recall classic horror movies, including not so classic cult favorites from the 80’s and even 70’s you will notice that a lot of films gave themselves a way out for a sequel at the end of the film. This movie is no different, you’ll be glad to know that there is a way out at the end, giving the film a throwback to the older films in the genre.

Eli Roth’s vision of a pandemic that is spread through water, gives paranoid androids (like me) a good freak out. While some are quick to dismiss Roth’s first film for nothing more than sexualized antics mixed with horror elements, I believe that there is enough

If this doesn't at least tickle your fancy for a little horror action, then at least count on gratuitous nudity, vulgarity, kung fu action (I kid you not) racial slurs, and gore to fill your horror movie tank. I recommend Cabin Fever, and always have...ever since I first caught it on Vhs tape.

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