Friday, February 12, 2010

REWIND: Inseminoid Review

Inseminoid Dvd Cover Art

The box cover for the dvd doesn't evoke quite the same feeling as the vhs box cover. Compare the two...above is the new Inseminoid box cover, and below is the vhs edition...very different covers.

Inseminoid Vhs Box Art

When I first ran into the vhs edition of this movie, I thought it was some sort of sex-ploitation, grindhouse film, and in someways it really is.

Tower of Evil: A nude crazed woman slaughters a sailor on an island, then is taken back to civilization. An expedition is mounted to explore the island, which leads to a series of psychosexual murders. Inseminoid: A horrorific alien life form is awakened, and it needs the bodies of those who disturbed it can breed!! Horror Hospital: Doc Storm, a crippled demented genius, performs brain surgery on his patients, making them brainless zombies! Curse of the Voodoo: After killing a lion, a big game hunter finds himself cursed by some African lion worshippers. The hunter then must find the witchdoctor and kill him, as the only way to lift the curse.

src -

This movie is cheese!

While exploring a distant planet, astronauts uncover a weird alien being who impregnates one of the crew.

Now the crew must figure out what to do next, and save the crew member, who is hell bent on feasting on human flesh.

Stupid Astronaut

If you can withstand the horrible lighting, bad acting, bad dubbing and overall horrible movie, you will be treated to one of the most phalic looking monsters in horror movie history. The alien being actually has sex with one of the crew members, and it's just disgusting.

If sexualized alien assault isn't really your cup of tea, well then you'll be glad that gore level. Body cavities, blood spilling, entrail busting gore is seen throughout this film. That's the only saving grace of this obscure grindhouse feature.

Sometimes this film is called Horror Planet, and sometimes it is called Inseminoid...I call it CHEESE!

Check out the trailer for Inseminoid, and rejoice that it is available on dvd.

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