Monday, November 5, 2012

Werewolf Reviews From The Past

When it comes to reviewing werewolf movies, I often times think about what I’ve already done on this website. I’ve been reviewing movies for several years now, and have posted over 700 posts on this blog. I did not just show up overnight and start wanting to talk about horror, and to showcase that love, I wanted to share links to the past reviews that I’ve done.

The werewolf movies that I’ve reviewed have been a toss up over the years, and before I move into publishing thoughts on more wolf movies, I wanted to relive the past one more time.

Check out the following links, and tomorrow we begin another round of conversations about werewolves.

Howling III Review
An American Werewolf in London Review
The Wolfman Review
Full Eclipse Review
The Curse of the Werewolf Review
976-Evil Review
Silver Bullet Review
Howling Review

Check out the above links to reviews I've done on this site in the past. They go back all the way to 2008, so enjoy.

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