Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Favorite Midnight Movies

The clock strikes midnight, you’re wide awake and you don’t know what to watch. You decide on the genre of horror, but what will you watch at such a late hour? You brew some coffee and mull over the decision and that’s when you decide to check out your favorite horror movie review blog, and you look for something that will be good around midnight.

Well, if you’ve found this post and you’re looking for Scary Film’s favorite midnight horror movies, then you will be glad to know I’ve got you covered. Here are 3 of my personal favorites to watch around midnight and the likes. Pick them up via here, or click the links to help support this blog.

My 3 Favorite Midnight Horror Movies

The Shining Blu Ray – When it comes to adapting Stephen King’s work, you really have a lot of work on your hands. He writes like it’s going out of style and continues to fill pages and pages with writing. He probably writes about as much as I do, the only difference is he makes millions and I’m lucky if I can make this month’s rent. (Seriously, help me out please) He didn’t like the adaptation of his novel, but I sure as hell do. Kubrick took a lengthy novel and made something so killer that if you’re up at midnight, you will enjoy. Get it on blu ray and put on the surround sound, and get ready to enjoy a thrilling horror picture of epic proportions. I for one love it.

Silent Night, Deadly Night – Ever since I was a child, I have loved this movie. Sure, it’s brash and it bastardizes the Santa Claus role, but so what? This movie is awesome. It has something for everyone including sex, violence, and nuns! If you’ve been bad, then watch this movie and keep being naughty!

Cabin Fever Blu Ray – I love Rider Strong. I love him as the sidekick in Boy Meets World and I love him in this movie. He plays “Paul” and makes it to the end of a movie where no one should survive. This movie is Eli Roth’s first film out of school and he truly made a classic. I absolutely love it, and feel that it’s underappreciated in todays gore filled marketplace.

The aforementioned are going to get you back to sleep after waking up in a cold sweat at midnight. If you haven’t already done so, check them out on blu ray and dvd. Click the links, help me out, or simply go back to bed and enjoy a dream or whatever.

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