Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Mom Review

Today we are featuring a film that came out in 1991. It is one that flew beneath the radar of millions of people, and only a select few ended up watching it. I saw the posters for it when I was a kid, but I never did venture forward to see it. That is, until last night when it was time once again to watch another werewolf spectacular! Today, we will be discussing the horror comedy named Mom.

The movie starts out interesting, with a loner at a bus stop waiting to head towards Los Angeles. He is in the darkness when a woman tries to befriend him. When she offers him a drink, he obliges by opening up her blouse and killing her wolf style! This kind of weird “rape” scenario really didn’t do too much in the way of introducing the character as more than a rapist, until the flash of the full moon offset the initial shock.

The plot fast-forwards to the present where an old lady and her family are enjoying Christmas and another year gone by. Things are normal, until our drifter ends up wanting to rent a room inside grandma’s house. When she tries to cook the man a nice dinner, he doesn’t want to eat, and then he attacks! The makeup here is fast, and no transformation scene is shown, but we get a full wolf style mask and jowls to prove that it’s a wolf.

The kicker here is that the werewolf is blind and states that he’s immortal and can turn grandma into a flesh-eating wolf. This transitional stage and process isn’t really shown, and the movie moves into a more buddy-style movie where the older lady (mother) is being groomed to become a full-fledged werewolf by the super villain. Of course the wolf plays blind, but we all know he can see.

When the old lady’s son, whom also is a reporter for the news station, finds out that his mother is eating the flesh of homeless people, he decides that the stranger needs to go and goes on attack, and this of course is where the movie starts to derail for everyone.

The movie throws a wrench into the werewolf lore. Forget about silver bullets, or anything like that, our main villain is killed by a fire, that’s it. He’s set on fire and he goes away into the dust. That leaves grandma (mother) with the vice of eating human flesh, so the son locks her away, and this of course starts an odd kind of “trapped” movie.

Billed as a comedy, “MOM” was supposed to be an interesting taking the werewolf lore; instead it proves to be a slow moving romp through lackluster jokes, and interesting problems. You start to wonder whether or not you’d let your mom kill to survive or would you kill her and save humanity? There are some moments where this movie becomes far too dramatic for its own good, and I found myself wanting to fall asleep.

I don’t necessarily recommend “MOM” unless you absolutely have to see every werewolf movie out there. It’s a bad example of the wolf lore, but it’s not terrible. It has a few shining moments, and an ending that will have you either applauding or simply laughing, you decide.

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