Monday, November 19, 2012

3 Cool Euro Trash Blu Ray Discs To Buy

When it comes to European trash movies, I’m a big fan. Whether it’s exploring the evil and satanic nuns of Italian and Spanish fame, or I’m knee deep in the rape-revenge flicks that sliced in pornographic scenes with femme fatales that would put shotguns in the mouths of their oppressors, I love the genres that came out of this era of exploitation cinema.

Today, I wanted to veer into some of my favorites and just recommend that you please help this blog by checking them out, purchasing them, or at least helping me out by going to here, and picking up whatever you’d like. I’m 100% freelance and write for a living, so I’m not making billions, and need your help.

Here are 3 cool Eurotrash Blu Ray discs to purchase today:

Baron Blood Blu Ray – Mario Bava really turns up the scar tactics in this story about a Student abroad trying to learn about his family. This movie plays on the sadist ideologies that seemed to run rampant in the exploitation genre, but you’ll find that it’s not exactly gore filled, despite an awesome disc cover. Pre-order this one at a major savings.

Amer Blu Ray – One of the most interesting and beautiful pieces of giallo cinema is found in this 1970s Italian euro trash picture. It might be mislabeled but when you get to the eroticism that is presented here, you’ll understand why even a high definition transfer doesn’t change the notion. You’ll find the transfer to be one of the best reasons to own a blu ray player today.

Living Dead Girl Blu Ray – This French film ties together the hysterics of toxic waste and earthquakes into a terrifying tale about when zombies rise from the grave to feed on the flesh and blood of humans. This transfer is amazing, and you get an awesome amount of features to go with the bloodlust that is sure to entice even the most jaded of horror movie fans.

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