Tuesday, November 20, 2012

3 Indie Horror Gems To Watch Again

When it comes to independent film making, the horror genre is one of the most packed. People love making horror films for a variety of reasons, and they excel in many ways. Some of the studios in recent memory have invested heavily in independent horror to the fact that some were paying upwards of six figures per film to release the dvd. I saw many of these classics while working at a video store in Los Angeles.

Although now I write for a living, I sometimes wish I could go back and be a video store clerk. I feel like I was made for that type of job, but alas, it’s time to look at different things.

Here are 3 indie horror gems to watch again. Click on the links and buy them online to help this blog continue to move forward.

Feast – There are monsters outside of a small town bar and a group of people is trapped. Sounds like a cliché right? It kind of is, until you start to unfold what lurks outside of the doors and you get showered in blood. There are some awesome characters found here, and you’ll love the way things play out in this gorey independent horror film.

Wrong Turn 2 – The sequel to the box office hit is one of 5 sequels that have come through dvd and bluray. This is a good one only because Henry Rollins is in it and he’s BADASS to the very end. If you want gore, and horror mixed with that great sarcasm that can only come from Henry Rollins, then you owe it to yourself to check out Wrong Turn 2 again.

Serum – This independent film is a gem that was shot on HD cameras but made straight to dvd. The movie is a standard monster type film where a doctor discovers an interesting ride through what can happen medically when money is on the line. I didn’t sell that well at all… it’s a cool “cure all” movie with dire consequences.

As per usual, I beseech everyone to pick these up on dvd or streaming services online, they are instant independent film classics.

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