Friday, November 9, 2012

Red: Werewolf Hunter Review

For today’s review I wanted to look at a little made for television movie about werewolves and boy did I find one that I didn’t hate, and was pleasantly surprised with. SyFy channel made this movie in 2010 and it starred some halfway decent acting mixed in with some interesting story telling elements and while it looked like it could be a straight to dvd feature, it still had elements worth noting that were far beyond the campy norm that usually plagues movies of this nature. Red: Werewolf Hunter takes the traditional route with horror, but there is enough to please just about anyone.

The movie revolves around the plot of Little Red Riding Hood, as she and her family are now hunters of werewolves. The first sequence of this film really hooked me. We get to see grandma get torn to pieces by a wolf, and while this moment was really harsh, it would not live up for the rest of the film, as this is the most violent scene you get without the aid of computer graphics. Grandma doesn’t live and through the floorboards of the attic a young Red watches on.

We are then moved forward to a new day, a new home and a couple visiting the woods to grandmother’s house. There we meet the werewolf hunters all in line with “Red” and there are some laughable moments in the introduction of each character, but you just live with it. The problem that plagues the family is a new breed of werewolf that can morph whenever they want, which means that outside of the full moon, the family will now have to fight.

When the fiancĂ©e of “Red” gets bitten, all hell breaks loose and the family has to fight the new villain. The villain named Gabriel is awesome, in my view, mixing elements of “Prison Break” with something a bit more macabre. If you don’t get behind the family of hunters, you will get behind this villain, as he owned the screen whenever he was on. Outside of that, the rest was just a bit bland.

The movie goes through the same elements that you would expect with any other horror film in this genre with people dying, the body count rising and the ultimate showdown between hunters and hunted. In the end, you get a favorable ending and that’s about it.

Red: Werewolf Hunter had some great moments. I liked the fighting for the most part, and did enjoy the movie more than I thought I would. I think SyFy is getting better with these pieces as the movie had a certain element of budget that is often times lacking. I didn’t like the graphics of the wolves, but I guess I can live with them. Overall, this wasn’t half bad, and would recommend it. It’s not great, by any means, but it’s far better than you’d expect.


  1. I thought this is a lame movie. But based from your review, I think I really need to see this one.

  2. did i win, who won... hellraiser box set... maybe it was me... was it me?

    Jeremy [Retro]
    Oh No, Let's Go... Crazy

  3. @Breakingdawn well it's better than I thought, that's for sure.

    @Retro-Z the winner was notified, I am not doing a contest this month, as much as I try, they just aren't successful.


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