Thursday, November 15, 2012

Werewolf Hunter Review

When it comes to finding good movies, I tend to judge the cover. I know, they always say not to, but I can’t help it. I’ve found some of my favorite movies and books have the coolest covers ever. Maybe it’s because I’m a graphic designer (bachelor’s degree), or maybe it’s because I’m a man and visual stimulation comes naturally to me in some way, I just absolutely love cover art. When I saw the cover art for Werewolf Hunter, I was definitely intrigued and thought it would be a good overall flick. What ended up turning out was a moderately successful werewolf movie that left me wanting something else. The movie is a Spanish one that was originally titled Romansanta, but for this review it’s called Werewolf Hunter, the proper name.

The movie is an interesting one, it is based on true events, and it’s not completely implausible. The plot revolves around a man that seduces women and then eats them. He then takes their fat and makes soap. When many women start disappearing a small town starts a hunt for all wolves, thinking it’s merely a wolf that is doing the damage. After some time, we are introduced to a hunter that claims he has been turned into a wolf and now must hunt his nemesis in order to once again become a man. The whole thing is tied up to a folklore tale of a man that claimed he killed many people but wasn’t to blame, because he was a werewolf.

The plot moves slowly, although there are some nice visuals. You get a sense for the time and place, with great costumes and beautiful women. Yes, there is nudity, so score one for those looking for a little Spanish boob action. Other than that, the movie feels like a Shakespearean play, as there is high drama throughout the film. By the time you get to the killing, it’s subdued and boring. There is a quick transformation scene that is kind of cool, but other than that, this felt like a made for television romp than anything else.

Werewolf Hunter is not a good movie, if you’re looking for horror. It’s a good piece of dramatic film making, but outside of that, it’s just not for scary film review fans or anyone that wants to have fun at the movies. I started to fall asleep towards the end, which is an awful sign. Not every movie can be a winner, but then again, my girlfriend liked it, so maybe it’s good for some, not for others. Wow, how awful are my reviews getting? I’ll have more reviews coming sooner than later.

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