Friday, December 21, 2012

American Horror Story Season 1 Episode 3 Review

American Horror Story is one of the more addicting horror television programs that I’ve seen in a long time. Each episode keeps drawing me into a whole new world of story telling and second guessing. I thought I had this thing figured out, then a wrench is thrown into my view, and I have to think on my feet to get moving towards a resolution. The third episode brought onto the screen several different story milestones and things are just beginning, which makes this so much better to watch than your average movie.

At this point in the story we get to find out the original owners of the house of murder, as they are calling it. There was a strange doctor that was giving abortions to women in his basement and there are some interesting Frankenstein moments where he’s working what appears to be a chimaera of sorts. The visuals here are impressive, and I definitely thought hit was a strong point in the episode.

Meanwhile in the present, the marriage that has been rocked by infidelity continues to unravel when the mistress shows up and says she’s keeping the baby. Our two faced friend comes through with a much needed helping shovel to the face which was awesome. However, not all is safe as the doctor is being drugged by someone, and he think it’s the maid!

This is quite the interesting point in the series, with a murder, a helper, and someone trying to drug the man of the house. I liked the way it was going, and it was apparent that the show is building up to something. I haven’t quite made out whether everyone is dead, if only a few of them are dead, or this is all a dream.

American Horror Story season 1 episode 3 really does do a good job of mixing storytelling with horror in a quick capsule of around 40 some odd minutes. It kept me interested, which is hard to do with television programming. I’ll have another review updated sooner than later.

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