Wednesday, December 19, 2012

American Horror Story Season 1 Episode 2 Review

After yesterday’s sex filled episode featuring a guy in a full gimp suit, I was wondering what the second episode would have in store for me, and it really let me down in the sexual department, although there were definitely some nice overtones. This second episode opened up with a 1970s serial killer rampage inside the home that the new family is now living in, and it was done quite good. Without revealing too much gore the shots were well edited, and the elements of fear were set into motion within a few minutes of the opening sequencing. I thought it was a great opener and really set the tone for everything else.

The show moved into an odd story line in which the father has to lie about going to Boston to see his former lover, and in the meantime the wife and daughter are terrorized by a group that is hell bent on reenacting the crime from the opening sequence.

This episode did two things very well, it told another piece of the story about the house, and it also set up another distrust angle between the husband and the wife. I thought those two emotional connections really shown through the underlying tension that was had.

Visually, this second episode ramped up things and while I was still confused by a great deal of the plot points, I found myself mesmerized with many of the details, wondering how far this thing would truly get. I found that there were some great moments overall, and the clich├ęs that plagued many slasher films were not found here. In fact, it was quite the opposite, getting me to cheer for the family as they fought their way back to life rather than accepting the fate of a serial killer or the rampage of lunatics.

The end of the episode left me thinking about what I would do in the situation, and I wasn’t able to answer. I’m probably a big wuss. Episode 2 of American Horror Story Season 1 is quite good, and is still delivering one hell of a punch.

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