Friday, September 7, 2012

Borderland (2007) Review

I’m usually up to par with all the latest and greatest horror movies that are released, but somehow along the way I missed this one. This movie is part of a series that comes out every year called “8 Films to Die For” which is a festival of horror. The movie is based on a true story that happened in 1989, and is an interesting story, until you realize that this has to be glorified since it’s a horror movie meant for entertainment, not a documentary of any kind. Borderland is a serious movie with another example of how tourists better beware when you’re not in your own country.

The movie doesn’t start like your traditional horror movie. It actually begins like a buddy cop film, with two detectives investigating what seems to be a haunted house. The two carefully move through the home until one of them is killed and decapitated. The other cop, known as Ulises, tries to fight back but is left to watch his partner tortured, which is one of the hardest gore scene I’ve seen in a long time. The horror here is unjustified and sick, and while the camera switches from POV to other points, this thing goes off the rails. Then the real story begins. (foreshadowing is great on this early set up)

The plot moves to three friends looking for a good time in Mexico and all things are going well until, well, you guessed it one of them falls for the wrong girl. He gets drunk and gets kidnapped into a weird cult where they sacrifice human beings! His friends chase after him, and after some insane moments, we get thrown into a hell of a movie that resembles “Hostel” in many ways. The brutality moves up and up until it’s at an all out war between the captured and the cult. When things don’t pan out well for the captured, the cult goes in for the kill.

By the time the friends show up, things are all over. The movie moves into a revenge plot, which is extreme. If you’re a fan of exploitation film from the 1970s here is where you’re going to start cheering. There is an awesome return, and things go over quite well, but not before we get to see some more brutality.

Borderland is a great horror flick, featuring a lot of brutal moments, some nifty story features, and good acting. I am a sucker for anything Rider Strong is in, so this was like watching Cabin Fever all over again. The star of “Rudy” is also in this one, so watch out for him, acting insane and making a go for the jugular. I highly recommend Borderland; it’s a horror film worth your time and is filled with lots of gore and violence, just right up your alley, or mine or whatever.

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  1. I've seen this one out and have been curious, thanks for the heads up!


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