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976-Evil 2 (1992) Review

976 evil 2
Sometimes you have to look back to your own past to find movies to review, because there are just so many options out there. I have millions of choices, and I have to narrow down the selections each day, watch something, then write about it, and hope that someone out there will be inspired to purchase something from amazon or click an ad so that I can feed my hobby. Today, I picked a movie to review that reminded me of the old school rental shops. You know the ones, the one in your community that was run by the Asian guys, and they usually had a stack of vhs tapes behind them, all categorized by number. They let you rent whatever, age didn’t matter, and a lot of the times they would leave the porno section open for little kids to wander in and get an education in Snuff Film: Death On Camera
. I found this movie while in the horror section, often times called the “terror” section, and I thought it was a porno. The design of many horror vhs tapes, if you recall, often times resembled porn, and t hat was probably the intent so that people would rent the films. Man, I miss those days. The movie I’m reviewing today is a classic to me, maybe not to you, but it’s from 1992 and it’s a sequel to the Robert Englund directed film about a phone sex line from hell, it’s none other than 976-Evil 2!

The cool thing about this movie, at least the first thing that you get are boobs. You get a full-blown shower scene with a hot coed, and for those that are looking for that sort of thing, you get it up front. If you wanted to wack it before you got through the film’s main plot, the director hooks you up fast. There’s something different about nude scenes from the last 20 years and how the bodies have changed. Even porn, the bodies are all weird, but that’s neither here nor there, we’re talking about a gift to all the teenagers that picked this movie up and thought it was a porno, congrats, you have entered puberty! Ladies, I’m sorry.

The movie is an odd one, it doesn’t follow the original’s plot in a way, in fact it steals from the “Nightmare on Elm Street” series quite a bit. A college professor gets in trouble for trying to rape and kill a student, and he starts to get his powers by calling the evil 976 number. When he asks for his release, the number tells him that there is someone greater that will replace him, and he starts to panic. But before that manifestation occurs he goes on a killing spree from jail, he gets into the minds of his victims and then takes them out ala Freddy, only with no glove. The deaths are pretty cool, including good gore here and there. At one point a mack truck completely obliterates a guy into a million pieces, which is kind of a cool effect for 1992.

The rest of the film is your classic chase and run final girl type of movie. However, there is a secondary hero here, his name being Spike. He’s a perfect foil and antihero but he too is evil as we find out, and well, the final girl is not so final, well she kind of is as she lives.

The movie is interesting, funny, and a classic homage to the 1980s slasher films
that we love so much. The deaths are funny, the town doesn’t believe what’s going on, and the villain is super natural. There’s also a cool twist at the end, which could provide a nice entry point into a third film! This movie is everything you want from horror that doesn’t necessarily scar you to death. There are a few jump scenes, and the movie doesn’t take itself too seriously, but it’s a good one. I liked it. I recommend checking out 976-Evil 2 today! No, really, I do.

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  1. otis rampaging heterosexualitySeptember 7, 2012 at 3:37 PM

    What always spoilt the original "976-EVIL" movie for me was knowing that one of the actors in it was a faggot.


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