Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Coming this October


We are at the headed towards the halfway point of the month, and I wanted to take this moment to once again remind anyone that reads this that you can win a Kindle Fire HD by leaving a comment here on this page, or visiting In fact, please visit and support my main website, it’s less horror, but I need the traffic.

This October I’m going to be doing something special for Halloween.


You’ve read it, you’ve heard it, you’ve always wondered, and this October 2012 I will concentrate on reviewing and talking about only REAL HORROR. You will see reviews of movies that claim they were based on a real story. I’m not going to dive into whether or not they are real, or anything like that, but I will make sure to be fair. Some stories, no matter how people swear up and down they are true, are obviously going to be false, but I’m not one to judge.

If you have any suggestions, drop me a line. I’m going to try and review 100% new movies, so that I’m not putting out the same old stuff.

Anything horror related and Based on True Events, True Story, and the likes will be featured on this blog in October.

Until then, I’ll continue to review random crap and good stuff. Drop me a comment, and please support my other site, it is slumping in terms of readers and subscribers. Thank you and goodnight.

Remember to leave a comment, to be entered to win a KINDLE FIRE 2. The winner will be announced at the end of the month.

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