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Top 5 Most Overrated Horror Movies

Mainstream media reviewers usually trash horror movies, but there are some movies that get praised by bigwig reviewers and I have to disagree with them. While compiling this list I ran into a lot of horror blogs that praise the following movies or have loathed others that just don’t make sense at all. It’s in that spirit that I write this post for your enjoyment, the top 5 most overrated horror movies that you can purchase in case you want to have the ultimate movie collection at your disposal, or want to give a gag gift for the horror aficionado in your life.


IT – The killer clown aspect of things really creeped out a lot of people, but when the climax of this mini-series/movie came to a head, you realized that there was just nothing to the master of horror but a giant spider. Oh wait; did I really spoil that for you? Yes, IT IS A GIANT SPIDER! Come on! My senses nearly exploded the first time I saw this movie, and even though the plot seemed to continually thicken until the climax, this one made me seriously mad. Why do so many people swear by this? Maybe “IT” by Stephen King the novel, is better, but this is NOT a quality film. In fact, it’s probably one of Stephen King’s more overrated work.


The Wicker Man – I’m not talking about the remake with Nicolas Cage, I’m talking about the original British Film. For whatever reasons this thing is included in the top ten or 50 lists of horror movies, and many reviewers swear by the creep factor of this film. I once argued with someone on (the chick horror writer they have on staff) and she totally tried to play the black magic card on me, when in reality I was totally pwning her article. Too bad I didn’t have the Spill universe on my side, but whatever. The Wicker Man is a slow moving, terribly confusing, awful example of British Film Making. It is the most overrated thing to come out of Britain since David Beckham.


The Amityville Horror – This film came out during a time when exploitation films were coming straight to the jugular. This movie was based on a novel, which was based on a true story. The house that a suburban family purchases is haunted and causes one member to go insane. Sounds familiar huh? The movie did well financially to the point where they made 4 of them, and a remake, and so much more. Sure, it’s creepy on paper, but in film making history? This is another example of overrated horror seeping into the masses. You can’t possibly like this slow moving terrible movie. You have to wait 70 some odd minutes to get 5 minutes of action, and that’s it? Come on!

blair witch

The Blair Witch Project – Touted as the scariest movie ever made, and millions of dollars later, people said it was. I saw it as a teenager and it failed to scare me at all. Go back and watch it, and you’ll find that this one is the worst piece of junk you’ll ever see. It’s filmed documentary style, it has a sense of urgency and despair, but it is not the scariest film ever. In fact, the sequel is a tidbit scarier than this one if you’re pulling hairs. If you thought this movie was scary, then I don’t know what to tell you? Movies like this are the reason why studios keep pumping out scare flicks that lackluster like say Paranormal Activity…sigh. Way overrated for its time, and not worth your time, unless you’re having a viewing party, in which case, why not?


The Ring – There’s this tape, if you watch it, you’ll pull your eyes out with boredom. I didn’t like this film nor did I like most of the Asian horror movies that were coming out back to back in the United States. Why? Because they were all based on similar premises, and they all had jump scares and stupid moments to make you scared of what’s going on. I for one thought it was boring, and the sequels were worst. The Ring made millions upon millions, and maybe it deserved it, but it really struck me as difficult to watch and boring.

The above 5 overrated movies aren’t going to ruin your life, but you will want your 2 hours back. There are far worst in the world, especially in regards to this genre, but when you get so many people praising trash, you have to gut check again and again. I’m sure you think something is overrated too, drop me a line, and let me know what you think. I for one think these are the top offenders, but I could always come up with more, such as “Drag me To hell” which was the most overrated horror film to come out in the last few years…I guess that should’ve been my number one, huh? Whatever.

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  1. jervaise brooke hamsterAugust 3, 2012 at 9:37 AM

    Superb list sir Jorge, its just that all five should`ve been British made films, not just one ! ! !. The other four films on the list are all garbage (and ludicrously over-rated as you said) but any one of them (chosen at random) is still infinitely better by itself than everything that the British film industry has ever produced put together during its entire laughable and pathetic history. In future reserve this kind of list exclusively for British made films.

  2. I don't think "The Ring" was over rated. I just saw the original Japanese version "Ringu" and was not impressed. The American version is so much better and way more scarier than the original. Plus the American version fills in all the plot holes from the original.

  3. I kind of like the original "Amityville Horror" but I don't see how you could call it overrated. It got pretty poor reviews and only has a small cult following at best.
    In it's place I would add "28 Days Later", rip-off of the also-overrated "Day of the Dead" with spastic camerawork that obscures everything happening onscreen. Or "Scream, Nancy Drew meets every slasher film ever made that somehow duped audiences and critics into believing it was somehow clever or original.

  4. @zmbdog "Amityville" is a slow moving movie that spawned so many sequels it's ridiculous. I liked "28 Days Later" and "Day of the Dead". I also liked "Scream", so we definitely aren't on the same page here. i'm sorry, wow.

  5. ""Amityville" is a slow moving movie that spawned so many sequels it's ridiculous."

    You seemed to miss the point competely. "Witchcraft" had tons of sequels too, does that make it overrated? No. Because nobody liked it in the first place. At least the films I mentioned are ones that I hate and have numerous fans. "The Amityville Horror" is generally disliked to begin with, so it can hardly be "overrated".

  6. @zmbdog "Amityville" had a slow moving plot, and sensationalized what happened in real life, and spawned sequels that were also commercial and critical failures.

    "Ghoulies", "Warlock", "Wishmaster", "Hellraiser", "The Omen" and many others have also spawned terrible sequels. Not to mention "Psycho", which spawned some horrendous movies as well.

    The fan fare for "Amityville" among horror critics and fans is ridiculous due to the fact that the first film sucked, the remake with Ryan Reynolds was awful, and the sequels were awful.

    Then again, if you're so adamant, then by all means, write your reasons out, and I'll post it on my site in full review format. I'm willing to see your side of things.

    However, I stand by my comments, it is overrated and continues to get rereleased, when the novel has been the only entertaining aspect of the franchise, which was sensationalized to begin with.


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