Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Twilight Zone Complete Series Blu Ray Set 50% Off

The Twilight Zone Complete Series Blu Ray box set is one of the best gifts that you can give a horror fan for any occasion. Not only do you get every episode in high definition glory, you don’t have to wait for those pesky commercials to get in the way. My biggest gripe with the marathons that are shown on television each holiday season is the fact that they edit the show down to fit in as many commercials as possible. Not only that, some of the episodes are skipped, the order is jumbled, and the scenes are deleted. The reason being is because of time constraints, and that’s fair, but here in this edition you get it all and then some.

The first thing that you’ll notice here is the transfer. The transfer of each episode was carefully done to showcase the true power of the hi-def display, and it comes through with shining glorious clarity. The show, videos, and all visuals look stunning and truly are worth the asking price.

When you purchase The Twilight Zone Complete Series Blu Ray box set you will also get a bonus documentary entitled “Rod Serling: Submitted For Your Approval”, which is something that many collectors had previously had to fight to get on eBay an other sites.

The extra features are done right with this set, so you know you’re getting quality. Some of the features that come inside this set include audio commentaries, radio dramas from the original radio broadcasts, video interviews, conversations with Rod Serling, highlights from the seminar featured at the Museum of Television and Radio, isolated music scores, Twilight Zone ads, stills, blooper reel, Saturday Night Live clip, Twilight Zone comic book, and a complete script for twenty-two of the shows with handwritten notes from Serling!

I’ve purchased a lot of box sets in my day, and most of them have isolated features and extras, but this one is really worth checking out, especially for all the episodes that you’ve seen in your past. Never before has the whole show been transferred in such glory, which makes it a perfect example for other studios to follow when releasing sets.

If you have a fan of science fiction, horror, or just television in general, you owe it to yourself to pick up The Twilight Zone Complete Series Blu Ray box set. If you click here today you will be able to get it for 56% off! Now that’s a killer deal. Help this site buy purchasing this for yourself or someone you love today!

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