Tuesday, December 18, 2012

American Horror Story Season 1 Episode 1 Review

Today instead of a movie review, I’ll be discussing the first episode of season 1 of American Horror Story, which is currently available through a variety of streaming outlets as well as blu ray disc here. The show caught me off guard, and while I don’t have cable, I finally started to watch it through Netflix, and will be commenting on it, as well as posing some interior ideas, questions and thoughts on the show. If you haven’t seen it yet, you might want to skip this review and instead visit some of my previous work on the page. I also would ask you to click through the amazon links as they help me keep a roof over my head and food in my mouth.

The first episode of this show was definitely a good set up. A doctor is caught cheating on his wife, although we don’t get to see it in action, we hear noises, and the wife catches him. Dylan McDermott plays a cool doctor, and Connie Britton plays a lovely wife, and the two have an interest dynamic. Britton is hot, she’s absolutely a lady that I’d like to say what’s up to, and most likely get rejected by. Dylan is ripped in this role, and well the rest is quite interesting too. Jessica Lange plays an interesting role, and is looking well for her age.

The show doesn’t start with that plot, it starts with a haunted house which I couldn’t stop thinking about after I saw it. I make a lot of Amityville Horror jokes in the home, always talking about how I want to make a cookie cutter of the home, so that I can eat the house on a regular basis. This haunted house slays a couple of idiot kids for entering an abandoned area. They are warned not to go forward, but they go anyways and meet up with disaster.

The family after going through a crisis of infidelity move to my neck of the woods, Los Angeles and start over, in the same house the children were murdered inside of. From there strange things start to happen, and lead to a very sexy and lovely gimp sex scene with Connie Britton…hubba hubba…right right? Never mind.

This first episode most certainly sets a mean tone, with lots of points of interesting dialogue, emotion, and sexual tension. There’s a ghost story running rampant, a kleptomaniac neighbor, an autistic child, a suicidal teenager, a cutter, a milf, and a doctor that has the hots for the maid…which switches between old and young…oh god, I love the outfit.

American Horror Story Season 1 Episode 1 does a good job of keeping you entertained, and you immediately want to watch the next episode and find out what really is going on in the house. I suspect death, but who knows.

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