Friday, December 7, 2012

Coffin Rock Review

I remember when Wolf Creek came out, I fell asleep, and don’t remember much of the elements of it. The producer of that film was the main draw for me on this one, as it seemed pretty cool. That being said, today we will look into the film Coffin Creek, as it is an interesting tale of lurid acts, consequences, and horror. Even though it’s not listed as straightforward horror, it’s still got enough elements to scare people into thinking twice about indiscretions.

The plot of the film revolves around a couple in Australia trying to conceive. Apparently there is something wrong, as is the case with many older couples trying to have children. My version of this movie would have lasted about 10 minutes, because I would have mentioned adoption. But I’ll digress, the couple is trying to have a child but they aren’t having such a good time with it. After trying to no avail, the main character has sex with a drifter in a drunken mistake, and that sets into motion a major catastrophe.

The drifter starts to become a part of the couples life, and when it turns out that the wife is pregnant, our now stalker believes it’s his child. This sets into motion a series of events that involves all sorts of insanity, including the death of a baby kangaroo, setting a man on fire, running someone over, getting dumped off a cliff and some more gruesome points.

The movie is an exercise in futility when the end showcases a twist that I saw coming a mile away. In a way the movie reminded me of the Richard Gere movie “Unfaithful”. While that movie seemed to work in a way, this one seemed to lack that certain sexuality that it needs to fully come to a climax. (No pun intended)

The movie dragged at one point and it just seemed to play to the development of an anti-hero, but that too never came to full fruition. When the final act starts, things start to move fast, with a certain level of emotional pacing that made me like how it all turned out, but even that doesn’t save this film from being one of the movies that I wouldn’t necessarily recommend to everyone. It is a much better movie than some of the other films with similar stories, mainly because of the drifter’s psychosis. However, it’s not that memorable, with exception of the final act, which featured some cool spots. Coffin Rock is a cool movie if you have a couple of hours to kill, but you don’t need to own it.

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