Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 Scary Film Review Manifesto

2013 Is The Year of Horror Movies

When I first started this blog, I didn’t want to get into a way to make money. I was living in Seattle at the time and I had a lot of time on my hands before I had to walk 4 miles (in the rain) to work. I was living a dream. I had moved away from Los Angeles to pursue other ventures, and I was definitely in a world that I was not familiar with, but it was exciting. Every new day seemed to blssed and new for a while. The first year was amazing, then things slowly declined and as time went on things changed in the Seattle landscape and I was forced to move away.

I ended up in Moscow, Idaho where I hated to live but made sacrifices to make things work. I fell into a depression that would last more than 18 months, and eventually divorce was imminent.

I didn’t feel like watching horror.

I picked up the pieces and started to write again, and it was inspiration from video stores lin Los Angeles, California that made me start to love the genre one more time. I started to review anything I could watch and in the process was able to meet some cool people and ended up with a wonderful girlfriend too. With the help of my girlfriend I have been able to make a 180 in every aspect of my life and have been able to continue reviewing horror movies on a regular basis.

With the reflection of the past few years and this site looming, I debated whether or not to shut scary film review down. I wasn’t sure I wanted to continue and the revenue that I get form the site is near nothing. After 700+ posts, and 1,000+ links to amazon, begging, pleading, ad sales, and more begging I haven’t turned a profit. I nearly shut the doors.

2013 New Horror Reviews

I’ve decided to keep things going, fresh and clean. I didn’t change the design, I’ve added a donation button and I am still begging for support. If every one of our fans gave me $1 I would able to reinvest in this blog in ways that would only grow it as a community endeavor. I could get better prizes, watch more movies in theatrical release, and give back to you, the loyal reader.

But alas, that seems like a pipe dream.

Scary Film Review will continue to love the genre, even when tragic events question the validity of the art form.

My name is Jorge, aka Sir Jorge, and I am your author and lover of all things macabre. If you at all care, or want to support the cause Please follow the amazon links and bookmark them. Order your goods through them, and help me keep going. I am a professional blogger and this site is one of my only forms of income while I pursue a Master’s degree and try to get into academia as a teacher. Until then, your support is greatly appreciated in this new year.

Until the first review, enjoy the horror movie blog that almost closed down.

- Jorge

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