Saturday, December 8, 2012

Open House Review

I love a good movie poster, especially those that can be doubled as porno movie posters. I grew up in a time where video stores weren’t corporate at all. The Asian people in my neighborhood owned them and they would actually put up awesome horror movie posters in the horror section. With that in mind, I was able to watch this classic 1980s slasher flick of epic proportions called Open House.

The plot of this movie is a lot like a Dario Argento Gialo mystery horror film. The movie features a great deal of mystery and you only see the weapon, the killing, and the aftermath as you roll through the movie. The villain isn’t exposed and nothing is explained until the end. As the story goes, a radio disc jockey and a real estate agent are embroiled in a situation where people are getting killed inside vacant homes for sale. When a red herring appears not to be the culprit, the killer sets his eyes on the disc jockey’s girlfriend, who just happens to be a real estate agent!

The movie is funny at moments, but gets really serious at times as well. The movie is set up exactly as you would expect from a slasher movie of the time, and it picks up in the final moments, only to get the same tone as Rambo! The ending is just odd, and the villain doesn’t appear to be as smart as he does in the rest of the movie.

For fans of gratuitous nudity, there is an awesome 1980s style nude scene at one point that just goes to show that the bodies of yesteryear were just so much more natural than what you see today. I think I went through puberty again at one point, but I’ll digress.

The movie isn’t particularly good, it doesn’t have a lot to remember other than the classic Argento style, but I really wanted to just see an Italian horror film and not this thing. You’re not missing much here, except for the cool poster.

Open House is not worth your time, unless you’re like me, and you have to see all things horror movies.

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