Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Scary Film Review’s 2012 Holiday Wishlist

Every year I post an annual wish list of sorts in hopes of spreading my holiday cheer to anyone that loves horror movies and wants to pick up something for themselves via our links. This year, I’ve made it a point to select a few items that will reflect the nature of this site as well as the 5 readers still commenting and trying to win the prize of the month.

If you purchase any of these from the links I provide, I get a few cents back. It helps me keep writing instead of flipping burgers.

Here is the Scary Film Review’s 2012 Holiday Wishlist

The Walking Dead Board Game – If you’re a fan of the comics, the television show, and just a fan of zombies in general, you have to pick up this game. Hours of fun and excitement can be had with this extreme board game that pits survivors against zombies! Can you survive? Click here to pick up this game and get it delivered in time for the new season.

Stephen King’s Dark Tower Omnibus Hardcover – The comics that were based on Stephen King’s Dark Tower novels is now available in a hardcover edition that delivers nearly 1,000 pages of the original comic series in a hardbound amazing edition. If you are a fan, click here, and pick this up. It’s simply stunning on the inside.


Aside from the above quick picks, you’ll probably want to pick up some movies right? If you’re still buying Blu Ray and not just streaming, consider my list of the best things to get horror movie fans this year. (Click through the links to purchase them)

Cabin in the Woods Blu Ray – A surprise hit for me, although the ending was a bit, well, you’ll find out.

The Walking Dead Season 2 Limited Edition Gore Head Blu Ray – This collection comes in a nasty gorey head. It’s quite possibly the best release ever put in a limited edition box set.

The Twilight Zone Complete Blu Ray Set – This is the mother of science fiction television and is wonderfully presented in a 24 disc Blu Ray set with more special features than you can throw a stick at.

That’s it. Let me know what you are getting this holiday season, and if you’re going to shop online please visit here, and help me keep this site going instead of having to work a normal 9 to 5. Thank you.

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