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Halloween 5 The Revenge of Michael Myers Review

halloween 5

In 1989 a new movie came out to once again bring forth Michael Myers into the mainstream, and while it wasn't a completely terrible film, it wasn't exactly a blockbuster smash. The fourth sequel to be directly related to the original featured a lot of creepy points and really stood out amongst the other sequels in that it had some quality visuals, while not completely abandoning the slasher formula.

While watching the film, it became painfully obvious that this film was rushed. Upon reading more into it, I realized that the film was in fact rushed into production, and wasn't even ready for the final print, but the studio really wanted a film and they sure got one.

The film starts with the end of Halloween 4, and continues in an odd state. A little girl is seeing dreams and she's scared, her dreams are of a killer stalking his victims, and she is seeing it in first person. It's first person film making at its finest, and that isn't a good thing. Halloween 5 really starts out slow, and NO one is killed for a good portion of the film, although there are a lot of near deaths.

About the time when you want to throw in the towel, out comes our villain and things really get bad, and the movie starts kicking it into high gear. The second half of the film is way better than the first half, and the killings start to pile up, but of course, that's not all. There are your average subplots, with shower scenes, and much more, but they aren't so good that you'll remember them, as I'm having a hard time remembering the exact side points.

The best part of the film is towards the end, and has a great cliffhanger. The film utilizes a lot of bad movements to get to the ending, but man, is it a visual feast. I absolutely loved the ending, despite watching this film and hoping for the end.

Is Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers a scary film: No.

For children, this film might have some scary moments. The whole "boogie man" thing is interesting, as it's definitely there, and moves the plot forward with ease. You're not really sure if you're even dealing with Michael Myers until you actually see his slow moving killing spree, which makes the film a little scary, but not nearly as much as you'd hope for from a franchise picture from the 1980's.

The ending is about the best part of the film, and the only part that I really thought was worthwhile. The rest of the picture is a slow burning piece of trash. Is it worth watching? Yeah. I definitely enjoyed the movie as a whole, even though the ending was the best part. There's an interesting quote in regards to the film, with Moustapha Akkad saying, that they were drunk off the success of part 4, so they rushed the 5th film and it didn't turn out so well.

Some might be quick to try and compare the new Rob Zombie films to this one, but they truly aren't the same. The newer films have a far better brutality and story compared to this one. People will wax nostalgic, but when you actually sit down and watch these late 1980's horror franchise films, you realize that they weren't all that great, even if nostalgia is high. I recommend this film to complete your journey through horror, but not necessarily to go out of your way to watch, if you're not interested in the series as a whole. The franchise would rebound in the 90's and then get more pictures throughout the decades, some better than others. I really liked the poster.

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