Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Child's Play 3 Review

childs play 3

1991, now that's a year I do not remember all that well. I was only 8 years old and the third and what should've been the final movie in the Child's Play series came out. Apparently, the film came under controversy when a real life murder was said to be inspired by this film shocked a UK community. I have to say, as far as the original three films, this was the worst....before the worst came through town.

The plot of this film is really bad. The story follows our hero "Andy" in military school meanwhile the chucky doll is being repackaged and sold all over again. When the spirit of chucky ends up in a new doll after the old factory restarts production, one is sent to the military school and guess what happens? CHUCKY goes nuts and starts killing kids, meanwhile he's trying get back into a real body.

The gore levels are here, but the film is slow. It has a slow plot and when the reveal occurs, you are already tired of needless interludes. Oh right, gore. Gore isn't really a major factor there isn't sickening amounts of blood being spilled, and kids aren't going down easily. The adults are the ones that are getting stabbed, mauled, and even bitten by the killer doll.

Andy and his friend end up saving the day inside what appears to be an amusement park. The final sequence of this film was cool, it completely obliterates Chucky, and that's why I feel this should've been the end. It apparently wasn' there is another one.

Child's Play 3 is kind of scary
, for those that are really young, but overall? It's not that fun to watch. It's a weak film and doesn't deserve to be looked at in traditional sense. Meaning, I'm not going to question whether or not this is a scary film or anything like that.

As far as killer dolls are concerned, Chucky is a classic. Child's Play 1 & 2 are far better than this film. Trilogies are rarely good, and maybe that's why there's far more Child's Play films than the 1991 end point. I don't recommend watching this unless you absolutely must. It's really not that good. I don't know why I even watch it...or own it.


  1. You know, I was talking to my boyfriend a couple of nights ago about this film. I told him the same thing you've stated; Jack Bender and Don Macini should have stopped at the second movie.
    You mentioned that the adults were getting killed left and right; where as the children were holding their own. I think that happened mainly because the movie was centered around kids, and during those times kids weren't really killed, (not like today's movies).
    Child's play 3 is exactly that- childs' play.
    Great review, keep up the good work.

  2. Hmmm...this is the only Child's Play movie I haven't seen. Sounds like they definately improved after this one!

  3. I personally think this is the worst out of the series (yeah I'm guilty of liking Bride and Seed). But I agree, the movie is just really bleak compared to it's ending.
    Good review.

  4. oliver syngen-molluscSeptember 27, 2010 at 3:39 AM

    Those bloody British wankers couldn`t produce something as entertaining as "Childs Play 3" if their bloody lives depended on it.


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