Monday, September 27, 2010

End of the Month Mailbag September 2010 Edition

The end of the month brings us a lot of mail, or rather comments, to posts that I've managed to write, even though I'm sick, jobless, and dead tired. I appreciate all comments, so keep em coming, good or bad, I love em, and here's the end of the month mailbag...then in a couple of days, a recap of all the crap I did, and then all sorts of other crap in the October edition of this wonderful blog that all 3 of you read.

oliver syngen-mollusc said in regards to my "Child's Play 3 Review":

Those bloody British wankers couldn`t produce something as entertaining as "Childs Play 3" if their bloody lives depended on it.

Like one of my favorite singers once said..."you could be wrong you could be right".

simon zinc trumpet-harris said in regards to my "Scream Review":

"Scream" is one of the most ludicrously over-rated piles of garbage in the entire history of cinema.

That's a big thing to say. So big, that I can't come up with an equal response. Maybe you too are right.

Lana said in regards to my "Child's Play 3 Review":

You know, I was talking to my boyfriend a couple of nights ago about this film. I told him the same thing you've stated; Jack Bender and Don Macini should have stopped at the second movie.
You mentioned that the adults were getting killed left and right; where as the children were holding their own. I think that happened mainly because the movie was centered around kids, and during those times kids weren't really killed, (not like today's movies).
Child's play 3 is exactly that- childs' play.
Great review, keep up the good work.

Yes, the second one exploded chucky and everything, bringing him back was stupid. As for kids being killed? It wasn't until "Funny Games" where they really broke that rule. Sure there have been some kids in film getting the ax, but in Funny Games a kid takes a shotgun to the chest close range and bounces off a wall...that's a major taboo. In the film, "The Condemned" a man literally beats the crap out of a woman, which I found taboo for a long time as well. The two are related only because taboos in the 20th century are no longer taboo. Sure, there are foreign films that capitalize on that much more, but in recent years it seems that the shock value is no longer there, unless you're going to rape...and well..we all know that doesn't seem to be quite as unbearable as watching a kid get mopped up in a horror movie. No offense. I mean, does "Chaos" really have the same impact as say Child's Play? Probably not. Then again, I'm an adult male, so maybe I have the wrong perspective. Sorry for the tangent. The main point is, yes they should've stopped at 2. Thank you for your compliments, I'll keep reviewing :)

Cyberschizoid said in regards to my "Child's Play 3 Review":

Hmmm...this is the only Child's Play movie I haven't seen. Sounds like they definately improved after this one!

It's ok. It's better than "The Omen 3", just sayin.

Bleeding Dead said in regards to my "Child's Play 3 Review":

I personally think this is the worst out of the series (yeah I'm guilty of liking Bride and Seed). But I agree, the movie is just really bleak compared to it's ending.
Good review.

You're right on all accounts. The movie, to me, felt more like a "Fear Street" or "Goosebumps" novel than a horror movie, and that's not necessarily a great thing. I love R.L. Stine but this film should've been harder.

That concludes the end of the month commentary. I thought about doing a special thing for October and Halloween, but you know what? I don't care enough to do it. I am still looking for a job and just can't get anything, not even Mcdonald's has called me back. So once again I implore you to go to the amazon links and enjoy some horror movies and help me keep this site going, or rather, help me get another case of Ramen.

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