Friday, June 26, 2009

Sleepaway Camp 3 Teenage Wasteland Review

Today I had a plan of giving a good review. In fact, I thought that this was going to be a great review, but instead, I found myself appauled that I ever liked this movie. This is the third film (as noted in the title) of the Sleepaway Camp series. Like all other horror movie sequels, this one has been toted as the worst in the series. At least in 1989, which was terrible. It hasn't aged well, but I still think it's better than the fourth full length film.

I'm going to have to give somewhat of a disclaimer here. I don't usually write shorter reviews, but I couldn't really give you a good overall essay on this one. It just was downhill from the start...

Here is a trailer for Sleepaway Camp 3 Teenage Wasteland:

The movie follows along the same path as the other films. The beginning of the film was actually kind of cool. we follow what appears to be a new girl, a new woman. A new character? Not really, nudity is shown right away, and was on her way to camp. Until a dump truck follows her and leads to her murder...and someone takes over her identity...who? Angela! Oh yeah, she's back for the third film and she's ready to start kicking ass and taking names!

The movie goes through the same thing that the other two films go through. There's a camp that is not being run correctly and kids are getting killed in awkward and funny deaths, just like the first two films. This was definitely really cool the first time I saw it. The movie goes fast and really has no major thrills, until the ending.

The ending (which I will kind of spoil for you) has an ambulance with a paramedic taking care of Angela, but she wakes up and goes nuts and starts fighting! That was really cool, and I was actually cheering for that sort of thing. That was really cool.

So what's the verdict here and why is there not much of a review? Because of all the films that I've done on this site, this one is one of the worst ones I had to watch again. I like it in contrast to the whole box set of Sleepaway Camp, but it's not really worth it too recommend it. If you already saw it, fine, you already know, but if you're looking for a good horror movie, this is not going to top your list. Sure 1989 was a bad year for horror, and this one would have been doomed to straight to dvd or straight to hbo hell...but it wasn't half bad at the it's just dated. Sleepaway Camp III Teenage Wasteland isn't half bad...if you're watching it with friends.

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