Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Interesting Horror Movie Releases 6/16/2009

Undefeatable Dvd

This week there wasn't much in terms of horror movie releases, so I mixed things up a little bit. My pick is Undefeatable which isn't a straight up horror movie but has some of the most horrific fight sequences ever made. You may have seen the fighting on youtube dubbed as the worst fight scene ever!

Born DVD
The Cell 2 dvd
The Cell 2 Blu Ray Dvd
Elfen Lied 2: Complete Collection DVD
Friday the 13th Dvd
Friday the 13th Blu Ray Dvd
Ghostbusters Blu Ray DVD
Hydra DVD
Little Red Riding Hood and Other Stories DVD
The Sender DVD
The Seventh Seal DVD
Simoun: Complete Collection DVD
Sword of the Stranger Blu Ray DVD
Sword of the Stranger DVD
Undefeatable DVD

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