Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Interesting Horror Movie Releases 6/2/09

What's up? Apparently no one wanted to buy Horror dvd's online in May, because the May numbers are terrible. In fact there are no numbers they are all 0's. That's ok though, I didn't start this site for money I started it as an outlet for me to write about something that I love; horror movies.

Here are the latest and not so great Horror Movie releases that came out today. It's not comprehensive so don't get mad. I personally like the Anaconda blu ray!

Anaconda Blu Ray Dvd
Anacondas: Trail of Blood Dvd
Elsewhere Dvd
Elsewhere Blu Ray Dvd
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete Blu Ray DVD
Highlander The Complete Animated Series Dvd
The Hunger: The Complete First Season Dvd
The Legend of Blood Castle Dvd
Maison Plaisir Dvd
Morbito: Guardian of the Spirit Volume 4 Dvd
Retardead Dvd
Razortooth Dvd
The Secret of the Black Widow Dvd
Silent Venom Dvd

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