Tuesday, June 30, 2009

All The Horror Movies That Came Out in June 2009

Here you, a special list, all the horror movies that came out in June 2009! These dvd's are in stores now and some are anime...and a couple are kung fu. I can't help it..I post what's interesting.

The Betrayed DVD
Blade of the Phantom Master DVD
Everybody Dies DVD
Header DVD
Heroic Age: The Complete Series, Part Two DVD Set
Kaidan DVD
Monster X Strikes Back Dvd
Samurai Champloo: The Complete Collection DVD
Scream DVD
Sea Beast DVD
Second Coming DVD
Stargate Atlantis: The Complete Fifth Season DVD
They Call Me Bruce DVD
Anaconda Blu Ray Dvd
Anacondas: Trail of Blood Dvd
Elsewhere Dvd
Elsewhere Blu Ray Dvd
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete Blu Ray DVD
Highlander The Complete Animated Series Dvd
The Hunger: The Complete First Season Dvd
The Legend of Blood Castle Dvd
Maison Plaisir Dvd
Morbito: Guardian of the Spirit Volume 4 Dvd
Retardead Dvd
Razortooth Dvd
The Secret of the Black Widow Dvd
Silent Venom Dvd
Aquarion: The Complete Series DVD

Gypsy Blood DVD
The Kiss DVD
The Legend of the Blood Castle DVD
Predator 2 Blu Ray Dvd
The Shield: Season Seven - The Final Act
Iron Maiden: Flight 666 DVD
Iron Maiden: Flight 666 Blu Ray Dvd
Born DVD
The Cell 2 dvd
The Cell 2 Blu Ray Dvd
Elfen Lied 2: Complete Collection DVD
Friday the 13th Dvd
Friday the 13th Blu Ray Dvd
Ghostbusters Blu Ray DVD
Hydra DVD
Little Red Riding Hood and Other Stories DVD
The Sender DVD
The Seventh Seal DVD
Simoun: Complete Collection DVD
Sword of the Stranger Blu Ray DVD
Sword of the Stranger DVD
Undefeatable DVD
Backwoods Dvd
D. Gray-Man: Season One, Part Two Dvd
Darker Than Black: Volume Five
Death Note: Re-Light, Vol. 1 - Visions of a God Dvd
Fullmetal Alchemist: The Conqueror of Shamballa DVD
Hobgoblins Dvd
Hobgoblins 2 Dvd
Legend of the Bog Dvd
The Monster Squad: The Complete Collection Dvd
Origin: Spirits of the Past Blu Ray Dvd
Romeo x Juliet: Romeo Collection, Part 1 Dvd
Simon Says Dvd
Trapped Dvd
Waltz With Bashir Dvd
Waltz with Bashir Blu Ray Dvd
Zombie High

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