Monday, February 2, 2009

American Psycho 2 Review

American Psycho 2

Calling this post a review is a stretch. This straight to dvd sequel to American Psycho is just bad. I did sit through some terrible films for this blog, I think that maybe this one takes the hat. Sure, Camp Slaughter, Axe Em, and Blood Car weren't picture perfect, but they were at least worth sitting through. However, American Psycho 2 tries so hard to sell me the main character, that I just didn't like it. I'm sorry, this movie is a terrible example of straight to dvd sequels. So instead of my usual dissection of emotional and psychological themes in horror film, this is just going to be bad.

American Psycho 2 came into video stores around the same time I was getting a job at a video store. People rented it out of curiosity but I warned them that it was a terrible movie. The original film starred Christian Bale, this movie stars an attractive young lady named Mila Kunis. Who is Mila Kunis? She's one of the girls from "That 70's Show", or if you recognize her voice she is the voice of "Meg" from "Family Guy". She tries her best at this role, but her lack of experience mixed with the seriousness of the themes introduced by the original film this movie is based on. Seriously, this is a terrible, terrible movie.

Here is a trailer for the disaster that is American Psycho 2:

The movie starts well. A home invasion greets us, and shows a girl squirming out of being bound, and takes out the serial killer that has invaded the home. She's 12 years old, and we get a flashback throughout the film in bits and portions. We then fast forward to current day Racheal, as she is in college and enjoying her life. As people start dying off, we then find out that Racheal has a killing impulse and goes throughout the film killing off anyone that gets in the way of what she wants.

The worst thing about this film is that there is no nudity from Kunis. The original film had a lot of sexuality and sex scenes that helped push the plot and story. There was a deep psychological story going on with pornography, and graphic serial killings, but this film pulls you away from that. There is no nudity in this film that measures the first film, which is one of the reasons why a lot of people liked the first film, as messed up as that notion is.

American Psycho 2 sucks. It's a bad film not worth seeing again for me, however, if you absolutely must, check out American Psycho 2. Oh and if you're a HUGE William Shatner fan, he's in this, so maybe that's something that will have you interested to see this film.

As a bonus, here are a few movie posters that you will enjoy. They are of the Psycho sequels

Psycho II

Psycho 2 Terrible.

Psycho 3

Psycho 3 Even more terrible.

Psycho 4

Psycho 4 Armageddon sign #939

Yeah, this is just one of many examples of terrible sequel ideas. Seriously, terrible.

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  1. Psycho 3 was a torture,why do this, why !

  2. I've always wanted to watch this movie but now I don't have too. Thanks for the warning.

  3. I can't imagine any of the Psycho sequels holding a candle to the original, but thanks for the suggestion.

  4. I dont understand how someone can carry on the footsteps of a serial killer who, as the story lines seem to put it, killed everyone in his head?


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