Wednesday, February 18, 2009

From the Mail Bag February Edition

Exploding Mail Box

Once again, it is time to look back at all the comments and feedback from your comments and give you a little answer and thank you. This time around I went far back to the most commented posts and dug up some of your comments to answer and reflect on. So let's go to the mailbag for the latest and greatest of your comments to my random reviews.

mediasaurusrex said in regards to my Death Proof Review:

WHat do you think of the inverted Quentin Tarantino time theory? That the segment at the end was actually the beginning of Kurt Russell's "driving into women" rampage? In the end of the movie, he is drinking hard for one. At the beginning, he isn't. Some guy was telling me that if you watch it several times, you see all sorts of arguments that can be held in that direction.

I agree with you though....Russell is a BADASS. I just watched THE THING the other day. BADASS....

Nope. I didn't even think about that. I guess it could be argued that there is some time lapse and inverted time, however I didn't get it from a couple of viewings. I'll definitely go back and revisit the film and see if I can spot Tarantino's time invert, but I can't really see or note it from my previous viewing. Granted, I haven't seen it in a while, so maybe I should watch it again. Yes, The Thing is rad and you're right Kurt Russell's badass! He needs another "Breakdown" or something, so that we can see him return to glory.

Fox said in regards to my Tokyo Gore Police Review:

I had a fun time with this movie. Usually I'm sensitive to films that get sadistic, but, as you said, things get so over the top that it becomes slapsticky to me. Plus, what a great metaphor when the woman's inner sweet spot turns into the jaws of an alligator!

Loved Machine Girl too. I was lucky enough to see TGP with the director in attendance, and someone from the audience asked how many gallons of blood they used for the film. He gave a number in the thousands. He also told us his reciper for fake blood. A twisted guy, but very sweet

Oh yeah, Machine Girl was rad. The whole idea behind the Tokyo shock cinema is right up my alley. I miss the "grindhouse" days, even though I never called those movie theaters that. I just assumed that my dad was cheap and wanted to watch 2 movies for the price of one. I just remember the nachos being way better. The alligator jaw metaphor is definitely a great one, but was probably missed by most viewers of this film. Dang, you saw it with the director in attendance? Now that's rad, I wish I had that sort of viewing experience with any film, but alas...I'm locked in a cubicle as I type this out and no one invites me anywhere...booohooo...but as Samir from Office Space said..."It'd be great to have that kind of job security", meaning that I'll probably be stuck in this cubicle till I'm 50. Recession or not...there's always going to be a need for the tech idiot at a small this is the worse response to a comment ever. I'm sorry.

Soiled Sinema said in regards to my Cache Review:

This has been on my shelf for 3 years and I still haven't watched it.

Dust it off, watch it. I know it's a little slow, but I swear the tension builds and builds to a powder keg like explosion...that never happens. Seriously, dust it off, if you have it just watch it. I know there are films that I have that I haven't watched, so I want hassle you too much, but come on, consider it.

ria said in regards to my American Psycho 2 Review:

I can't imagine any of the Psycho sequels holding a candle to the original, but thanks for the suggestion.

There are a lot of needless sequels in horror movie history, but nothing as bad as these terrible films that most likely got a theatrical release backing them. Hollywood has a lot of missteps, and these films are examples of such. However, without dvd, without readily available vhs, these films found a major audience with horror movie fans that couldn't get to see these films on tape anytime soon. Good thing things have changed, huh? Oh and the Original Psycho isn't all that great now, the pacing is tough.

Brian said in regards to my 976 Evil Review:

After taking most of the credit for the character, I'm surprised he hasn't legally changed his name to Robert "Freddy Krueger" Englund. But the movie looks pretty good. I'll probably order it up from Amazon ($5 used).

Yeah, you're right, he should just change his name. I hope he hasn't squandered all the money he has made throughout his career with that character. He might as well start doing college tours and showing up at frat parties. This movie was ok.


And that concludes this edition of "From the Mail box". I am trying to do this more often, but get backed up with other sites and work and all sorts of other excuses that you can probably come up with yourself. Thanks for all the support and those that comment. I didn't get to every comment made on the site, but I try to comment back whenever I get one. It takes time though, but please keep them coming.

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