Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Interesting Horror Movie Releases 2/10/09 Edition

My Name is Bruce

This week in horror movie releases is noteworthy. I can't believe how much good stuff is coming out this week. Oh, and if anyone is reading this, it is my birthday on Saturday. It's my sister's birthday too. We were born on the same day, 9 years apart. Yeah...weird. It's also Valentines day, so I have double duty...since I'm married. It's a rough day for me. Whatever the case is, here are the relevant horror and dare I call some "Grindhouse" releases for this week in February 2009. Personal picks for me would definitely be "My Name is Bruce", "Chocolate" and "Obscene" (which isn't listed here) but I do have my eyes set on Friday the 13th the Series Second Season Dvd, but I'm really broke. Seriously, I barely had enough to cash in on my Netflix account. So we'll see if I can garner any media purchases this week.

Doom Blu Ray Dvd
Donnie Dark Blu Ray Dvd
Death Note II Dvd
Chocolate Dvd
The Boondock Saints Blu Ray
Blindness Blu Ray
Dorothy Mills
Friday the 13th the Series: The Second Season Dvd
A History of Violence Blu Ray Dvd
Imprint Dvd
Iowa Dvd
Karma Police Dvd
My Name is Bruce Dvd
Otto: Or, UP With Dead People Dvd
My Name is Bruce Blu Ray Dvd
Pet Shop of Horrors Complete Collection Dvd
Red Mist Dvd
Tales From The Darkside: The First Season Dvd
Terminal Invasion Dvd

That's it for the movie releases that you might be interested in this week. As far as horror film is concerned, it isn't that huge. There are some must haves for sure, and if you got paid this week, consider picking up a couple of these and enjoy the latest and greatest from horror, science fiction, and dare I say grindhouse releases. I'm reaching far, seriously far. I'll be back with yet another review tomorrow. Thanks for the support.

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  1. The Boondock Saints is an excellent movie. I hope that your able grab up some cash for it.

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