Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Interesting Horror Movie Releases 2/3/09 Edition

Afro Samurai dvd

Today in dvd releases, we get a few good horror releases, and a TON of Jason re-releases. Ok, maybe not a ton, but a good amount for the date. I know that the new Friday the 13th is scheduled to come out in a couple of weeks, and people are trying to make a few dollars off the franchise, but come on! We don't need 4 Friday the 13th releases right, or do we? I don't know. The horror movie releases this week isn't going to win any awards, but it's only the first week in February, so it's not crazy. I personally am looking to pick up Afro Samurai, I know, it's not scary.

Afro Samurai Director's Cut Dvd

Afro Samurai Director's Cut Blu Ray Dvd
Sick and the Dead Dvd
Paura Lucio Fulci Remembered Vol. 1 Dvd
Mystery Science Theater 3000: Volume XIV Dvd
Killer Movie Dvd
His Name Was Jason Dvd
Friday the 13th Uncut Dvd
Friday the 13th Uncut Blu Ray Dvd
Friday the 13th, Part 3 3-D Dvd
Friday the 13th, Part 2 Dvd
Dead Noon Dvd
The Bloody Ape Dvd

All of these releases are available online via the links above or the links below.

Other weeks in horror movie releases are listed below:

Horror Movies that came out January 2009 (partial list) - Horror 1/09

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