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Basket Case 3 Review

Basket Case 3

Today, I decided to review a film that was just beyond the scope of my usual reviews. Once again, I have tested my personal limits of viewing, and trying to understand horror as a subject matter beyond comedy. I really had to fight myself to get involved in this film, and guess what? I think I've met my intellectual and comedic match. Today, for your reading pleasure, I present one of the most goriest, ridiculous, and overall stupid movies ever made. Of course, I am referring to the third installment of the Basket Case trilogy. This is NOT going to be my normal templated review, as this movie doesn't really provide much in the realms of psychology and reasoning. This film takes the horror comedy genre and plays favorites. This film is just a marvelous piece of shiny poop. Good shiny poop, terrible, I know, I'm not doing well in this introductory paragraph. For your reading pleasure, enjoy Basket Case 3.

First, here is a trailer for Basket Case 3:

The Basket Case movies are not exactly the first things people think of when thinking of horror comedies. However, I find them to be an interesting take on the genre for a lot of different reasons. The story involves two brothers, one full bodied man and his twin brother who just happens to be a bloody attachment of his side. It is sickening, and he's repulsive. Imagine if you had a wax mannequin and melted it down, but only 75% down, and you will get the idea. We have two brothers, Duane is the normal one and Beliel is the bloody, disgusting stump of a being.

In this third film we join the brothers in a house of deformities. (A throwback to the second film) This house of freaks, is an astonishing array of mutated creatures that are insanely designed. The make up effects on these creatures is nothing short of brilliant. We're talking about alien heads, mutated half heads half bodies, big earlobe looking things. Some look like brains with no skulls, Cthulu throwbacks, and all sorts of latex rubber suit monsters. If you have a good imagination, it wouldn't be a match for these creatures, that are so greatly designed and created. I liked them.

Basket Case

We start the movie with a sex scene. This has to be the most vile, disgusting sex scene of all time. We see two alien stumps, barely with craniums, and weird looking ghouls making human sex sounds while rubbing on each other. I kid you not this is the sickest, genre bending sexual situation that I've ever seen in a horror movie. But at the same time, it wasn't the most explicit, someone has one heck of an imagination, I'll tell you that much.

We move on to find out the main story. The story revolves around these two lumps of mass that are going to have a baby. Yep, a weird alien humanoid stump of a baby. Weird. So the freak house goes on a little road trip to try and get the alien woman person thing to a hospital or delivery room or something. Trust me, the movie really doesn't help with the storyline, as it is just so weird at times.

The movie continues in the grotesque department by showing you a birth of several babies, that are ridiculous. We're talking about complete and utter Inseminoid quality Alien births, with the goriest of situations. It's so bad that I contemplated turning off the movie.

I stuck with it, out of sheer curiosity.

The second half of the film involves a kidnapping scheme, with the local law enforcement stealing the baby aliens and trying to hold them for ransom, while the freak house gives chase. This was after the mother was shot to oblivion with a 12 guage shotgun, in another gorey film effect, proving that this film might as well win the crown for gore.

Basket Case 3 extra

Basket Case 3 is available on dvd, and it's an interesting look at horror comedy. It has a lot of serious gore though, and I was surprised that it didn't get to "Meet the Feebles" type of comedic gore. It is weird.

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