Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Interesting Horror Movie Releases 2/17/09 Edition

Choke Dvd

This week's interesting horror releases aren't going to knock you over. I purposefully included some releases that border the line and/or are just things that I find interesting. Once again, at the end of the month I'll post all the links to every horror related dvd that came out this month.

I am most likely going to get at least one dvd this weekend. I'm super broke though. It sucks to have student loans and a job that doesn't pay that well. But hey, at least I'm employed, and alive. Whatever the case is, I highly recommend picking up some good horror. Last week I picked up another Grindhouse Exploitation dvd. It had two kung fu movies on it, I thought they were cool. With a price tag of 9.99 I couldn't resist. As for the rest here, I don't know, some stuff jumps out at me, but overall, I'm not too thrilled with this mid February in horror. I definitely am looking at some nice blu-ray titles, but alas...my budget.

If you have money and want to spend it on horror dvd's, use the links below and enjoy the mid month releases.

15 Minutes Blu Ray Dvd
Alien Raiders Dvd
Body of Lies Dvd
Body of Lies Blu Ray Dvd
The Butterfly Effect Blu Ray Dvd
Capote/In Cold Blood Blu Ray Dvd
Choke Dvd
D.O.A Dead or Alive Blu Ray Dvd
Feast III: The Happy Finish Dvd
Freddy vs. Jason Blu Ray Dvd
A Lonely Cow Weeps at Dawn Dvd
The Midnight Meat Train Dvd
The Midnight Meat Train Blu Ray Dvd
Paid Dvd
The Passion of the Christ Blu Ray Dvd
Pulp Fiction Blu Ray Dvd
Quarantine Dvd
Quarantine Blu Ray Dvd
Screamers: The Hunting Dvd
Seed of Chucky Blu Ray Dvd
This Is Hardcore Fest 2008 Dvd
Tokyo: The Last Megalopolis Dvd

Obviously, this isn't the end all list of movie releases, but it's a list none the less. I'll have more stuff to update the site with sooner than later. I've been battling a lot this week to get updates, and hopefully I can get more done within the near future. Thanks again for all the support.

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