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Snuff Documentary Review

Suff Documentary Poster

One of the most horrific movies ever made, may or may not exist. That's the idea behind this next review. Reality is much worse than fiction, and even seasoned vetarans of horror film, can agree that this type of film could very well be where we draw the line. I say We....but I really mean a lot of things. I personally have seen a lot in my days, especially when I worked selling caskets for 3 years. So, here is a review of the film "Snuff" a documentary about snuff films.

What is a snuff film? Snuff is a type of movie made for profit that shows a real death. This film goes through five or six different categories with experts talking about the idea, the history, and answer the question of whether or not Snuff really exists.

A few years ago I saw this movie called "Forced Entry". It was made by the owner of a professional wrestling company in Los Angeles. This movie was sold to me as a true snuff film...why would I watch it? I don't know. The movie ended up being infamous for sending the director to federal prison. He eventually was let go, but the American government deemed that a film, even if it is NOT a true snuff film is illicit enough to be criminal.

The movie is still available if you have to see it. It's all make believe, the actors were paid, no one died, and it was meant as a marketing ploy.

The other movie that brought up the idea of snuff for me, I didn't see. I heard about a guy named Max Hardcore, and he was going to prison. He was going prison for making videos with women that were 18 and older but were perceived to be under age. The American Government thought these films were obscene.

These examples of reversal of freedoms is interesting to me. It goes hand in hand with the idea of Snuff. If snuff is real, could it be deemed obscene? I wonder a lot of different things as the movie played through, and I really had a hard time answering questions bout the movie.

The movie talks to a lot of people about snuff. The film also shows you some alleged snuff videos, all of which aren't real. Until it gets to the War and Snuff connection. It shows you a lot, and it proves that there is a fascination among horror movie fans and the general public in regards to seeing death on screen. This is really rough, but it's readily available on the internet. It's really sad.

Is Snuff Scary ?: The question is a matter of how depraved are we? Not if the movie is scary. Sure it is a scary documentary, but it's narrative, and it shows Snuff in a weird way. It's a hard to watch documentary, and it gets really scary when they profile a couple of serial killing friends that taped all their executions and sexual assaults. The director shows pieces of the footage, and while you don't see the sickest points, you get to right about that point and it is so harsh that it is scary.

This movie is scary because it's not profiling all fiction. This isn't a fictional account of a lot of things. While the first half is speculation and story telling, the second half of the film is heart pounding and real. They detail war film, serial killing film, and a guy from Russian that was caught in 2000 for making "Child Snuff" films. I kid you not, there was a dude that got caught with others making these terrible, terrible films and it was on the news...well UK news outlets.

Does Snuff exist? Yes. Can you get it? No. Well, yes and no. You have to really search for these things, you really have to be depraved to want to watch a real one, and you know what? That gets kind of scary. It is scary to think that there are individuals out there that aren't satisfied with movies like "Tokyo Gore Police" or others, and crave to see a real life snuff film. It's almost saddening to realize that we've already come close to seeing this type of film whenever we turn on the news or watch footage of decapitations. One visit to and you realize that we are a sick and dying culture.

Here is a trailer for the movie, which I usually put in the beginning of the post, but for today, will post it below because of its graphic nature. No it's not visually graphic but the stories are amazing...

Growing up, I watched a lot of Mexican news. They show you everything! I saw so many dead bodies that by the time I was selling caskets at age 17, I didn't really flinch. It was a job, I was prepared for it. While watching this film I thought about my past and my jobs and what I've seen. I reflected on my own nature and what I personally like in horror, and it really does fascinate me. This movie is scary because it's an exploration of something that really does exist, although not many people have seen the real deal. Or have they? That's the thing, you don't know, and it's weird. It's scary to think that the real thing is entertaining and it is a horrifying and truly scary thing. Snuff is highly recommended viewing, it's interesting and it really doesn't pull any punches. It talks about "Faces of Death" it talks about "Cannibalism movies" it talks about the adult industry, and at times it talks about the sickest of all films...child snuff and the true stories with video footage of abuse victims. Reality is far worse sometimes than fiction, that's for sure. Snuff is a cool documentary, but it is a harsh one and a scary one at that.

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