Friday, January 30, 2009

Horror Movies That Came Out January 2009

Here is a very limited list of what horror movies came out this month. Every tuesday I try to find the horror movies that might interest you and others in regards to the horror genre. I miss out on a few, and this is not the most comprehensive list of movies that came out, but I try my best to find and link them for you guys. The links all go to, where you can purchase them. Once again, these help me continue to not only review relevant horror movies, but also helps you build your collection of good overall horror. At the end of every month I will recap all the movies in one easy list, in case you missed a week or two. If you'd like you can take this list and post it on your site, I don't mind. If nothing else, at least it gives you a broad idea of what horror movies came out in the month of January 2009. I missed two weeks, but in February I'll have all 4 weeks done and a monthly recap. I will also be doing a yearly recap of all the movies that came out the whole year, which will be a massive list, but it will definitely help you and me figure out what came out in horror that year. I hope to continue this throughout the months, so keep your eyes open.

Zodiac Blu Ray Dvd
Vampyres Dvd
Sharks in Venice Dvd
The Notorious Nobodies Dvd
Mercury Man Dvd
Just Buried Dvd
The Gene Generation Dvd
Demoniacs Dvd
Dead of Night Dvd
Dead & Buried Blu Ray Dvd
Dario Argento's Door Into Darkness Dvd
The Bourne Trilogy Blu Ray Dvd
Batman Blu Ray Dvd
America's Serial Killers: Portrais in Evil Dvd
42nd Street Forever Vol. 4 Dvd
Cold Prey Dvd
Boogeyman 3 Dvd
The Machinist Blu Ray Dvd
Repo! The Genetic Opera Dvd
Repo! The Genetic Opera Blu Ray Dvd
Poison Ivy 4: The Secret Society Dvd
Poison Ivy 4: The Secret Society Blu Ray Dvd
Saw V (Unrated Director's Cut) Blu Ray Dvd
Saw V Dvd
Voodoo Dollz
Vacancy 2: The First Cut

Thanks again to all of you that have read this site, commented, and shared your thoughts. I'll have more movies to review starting next week. I have family in town, so I might not get a review up until Wednesday, but I'll see what I can do.

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