Monday, August 20, 2012

Top 5 Best Selling Horror Blu Rays Right Now

In my quest to bring the horror, I also want to make sure that you guys are actively participating in the genre by purchasing movies and blu ray releases to help the continuation of the genre. After all, if you aren’t purchasing anything, the companies will eventually stop making the products. This is why many companies shut down like say, Cannon. Anyways, here are the top 5 best selling horror blu rays right now, pick them up with the links provided and please have a nice day.


Halloween 4 Blu Ray $19.99 – The Return of Michael Meyers is finally on blu ray and it looks amazing. The sequel to the original has more of a surreal gothic feel to it, and it is ramped up with gore and violence. This is a far cry from the second and third films in the series, and I for one am excited to see it released now.

the y live

They Live (Collector’s Edition) Blu Ray $19.99 – Roddy Piper breaks down the door of the science fiction world with this John Carpenter classic in which aliens are taking over. Paired with ammo and a pair of trusty glasses, he makes sure he’s kicking ass and chewing bubble gum.

cabin in the woods

The Cabin In the Woods Blu Ray $33.99 – This is the epitome of original horror movies in these modern times. More people were bugging me about this one than any other film in the last few years. I have yet to review it, but it’s on the old “to do list”. If you get your copy reserved now, you save a little coinage. Get it, and find out why this might be the best horror movie of the year.


Grimm: Season One Blu Ray $32.99 – I’m not a big fan of the show, but it is selling like hot cakes. This show takes the Grimm Fairy Tales and blows them out of the water with sinister twists and turns. I do recall liking a story arc involving a wolf…but I’ll leave it at that.

walking dead

The Walking Dead: The Complete Second Season Blu Ray $48.99 – It took me a while to finally like this one, but wow, it really picked up in Season 2. The zombie genre is going to have a hard time trying to top this shows stories as it continually punishes the mind with both beautiful imagery and sickening gore.

If you are a fan of horror, pick up the above blu ray releases, and help support this blog’s mission to review all things scary, science fiction and horror. Thank you.

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